My monster doll finally got himself some fancy arms! I had to go into my project bag and find the arms that I made him from when I first started this crochet pattern. If you’ve been crocheting along through Patreon, you might have to do the same thing. The time lost looking for his arms was totally worth it. Look how regal and might he looks with his new frilly underarms now that his arms are sewn onto his body. Frickin’ cool.

Art doll crochet-along
Such a silly detail, like the underside of his arms, makes such a huge difference in this monster doll’s personality. He’s pretty rad.

I watch a lot of nature shows, when I do watch TV. I was watching something on giant squids when I was coming up with the ideas on how to finish this guy’s arms off… something about how the squid kind of pulsated through the water had this guy end up with frilly underarms. I’d like to think that if he had to swim, the frills would help propel him while he swam. This is how my brain works.

Art doll crochet-along
I can’t even explain to you all how happy this doll’s progress makes me. Each step from here on in really is just going to be more awesome.

Here’s a shot of his backside. Part of me wants to add legs, and part of my loves the serpentine aspect of this dude. I’ll have it figured out once the kids get back into school. So many ideas are popping up on how to finish him off.

Art doll crochet-along
I keep thinking that I’m almost done, and then shots like this give me 8 million new ideas of what I can add. Woot!

This doll will be one of the next KBG crochet patterns for sale. I’m offering my Patreon supporters the opportunity to make this doll with me in a roughed out crochet-along. I wish I could get my act together to do a fancy and professional CAL, but it’s proving to be out of my spectrum of skills. Every Wednesday, the Patron feed gets updated with the above information and the crochet pattern information needed to complete the doll up to this point. I’ve made him a Patreon tag, so all of the posts are easier to find. The Patreon tag is PCAL1. You can start whenever, as long as you are a Knot By Gran’ma Patron at any level. The finished crochet pattern will go out for testing like all the other crochet patterns, and be available for sale just like normal to everyone else. Patrons pledging $5 per new crochet pattern will get the PDF at no charge as part of their perk. YES! I WANT TO CROCHET ALONG WITH YOU AND MAKE THIS DOLL!

You should be able to sc, crochet down the side of your work, work in the round and be able to work with thread  (don’t be scared). Also, there are way more photos on the KBG Instagram page. Check them out.


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Frilly Underarms are Just What a Monster Doll Needs
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