The cat butts have been turned into ornaments, been photographed, edited, and finally listed. Whew. I always forget what a process it is to make new items for the shop… it’s definitely more than just making. It’s also totally worth it, because LOOK AT HOW AWESOME ALL THESE CAT BUTT ORNAMENTS ARE! They are finally in the shop, and you can buy them. (They live here.)

Cat Butts are awesome!
Click here to see all of the new cat butts!

This round of cat butt ornaments is for both the retail shop and the wholesale shop. I’ve been contacting brick and mortar stores around the country as potential stockists, working on my branding, and making it easier for everyone to have a cat butt. The retail shop is full for your upcoming holiday ornament shopping needs. There are new sets of cat butt ornaments in case you’re into decking out your entire holiday decor with cat butts… or maybe just shopping for a bunch of cat lovers. You can still buy one cat butt at a time too. Sometimes one cat butt is all you need. I’m aiming to keep this process as easy as possibly for everyone.

Cat Butts are awesome!
New postcards for my upcoming wholesale starter packs and for craft fair displays!

There should be at least one more big cat butt update before November. Craft shows are coming up, and I’m so excited to have new cat butt postcards for my display. These will also be available in the wholesale shop as part of the new starter packs that I’m working on in September. Happy shopping!


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