I’m a crochet designer. It’s my thing. I make yarn turn into monsters, hats, cat butts, eyeballs, and shawlettes… all by maneuvering a tiny hook that I wield in my hands. It’s awesome. I love the work, and it’s very satisfying, and I shouldn’t have a reason in the world to complain about it. Right? What could possibly bother me at all in my very cool work? Well, there is this one thing.

I hate taking helper photos for my crochet patterns. It drives me bonkers, and it’s arguably the most important (and helpful) part of my crochet patterns; the ones I sell to my customers. I hate it.

attaching the pieces
Having a visual that shows the explanation of the how the eyelid was to be pinned for stitching is super helpful for crocheters to fully understand the instructions on the KBG crochet patterns. I hate taking these photos. Hate.

I have no reason to hate this. I’ve often said to myself, while designing crochet patterns, that I will just make another “Insert Whatever I’m Designing” before I release the pattern… and take the pictures for it at that time. Whaaaaaaaaaaat? Yes. I do that and completely create an unnecessary amount of extra work. It’s all because I hate to stop what I’m doing to go take a photo of what I’m doing.

Zombie Football Player Dolls Crochet Pattern
It’s hard to accurately describe how this part of the Zombie Football Player Doll crochet pattern is assembled, and I’m a visual learner. I can’t be the only one… thus the “in progress” photo. Still hate it…

So dumb.

I have to stop hating this part of my crochet design for one simple reason. I really like designing crochet patterns, and I want them to be easy to understand. Plus, it’s not like I’m going to stop designing. I should probably just get over myself, and accept this little bit as a really important part of great crochet patterns. That’s really the point of all of this crocheting in the first place, isn’t it?


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One thought on “My Least Favorite Part of Crochet Pattern Designing

  • August 9, 2017 at 1:42 pm

    This makes perfect sense to me. What you love is the creativity, the design, the crochet. You don’t love writing instruction manuals or photography. They are very different areas of expertise. In my mind, this is the same as loving to knit, but despising the finishing (seaming, buttons, etc). Therefore, your hate is completely understandable!

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