This was kind of inevitable, because I didn’t follow through on my original plan for my shark hats. Hats? Yes, hats… as in more than one shark hat crochet pattern. The entire things started with this little sketch on the very bottom of my work notebook. The original plan was always for a Great White Shark Hat and a Great Hammerhead Shark Hat. Something happened where Shark Week was moved to earlier in the summer, and I freaked out. I had the Great White Hat finished, but was too impatient to sit on it for the following year’s Shark Week so I could finish the Great Hammerhead Shark Hat. Sad face.

Original sketches
It was such a small sketch for these hats in the beginning.

The other night I was watching The Great Hammerhead Invasion during Shark Week’s opening lineup, and I really wished that I had made that Hammerhead Shark hat. I even tweeted about it. Sigh. It’s not going to happen for this year. There’s no way I could design and then finish a hat that I’d want to send out to a tester so peeps could make their own in just under a week. I don’t even have the yarn on hand.


I thought about it. Then I decided to sit on this one and have the coolest (and matching the Great White Shark Hat) Great Hammerhead Shark Hat available for before next year’s Shark Week. This will give everyone time to make their epic shark hats.

Monster wears Great White hat
You can get started on this super fun crochet hat for next year’s Shark Week. It’s pretty easy, and there are tons of photos for the harder bits.

Grumble. Grumble.

The good news is you can get started on your shark hat adventure this year. The Great White Shark Hat crochet pattern is fun to make, and it’s awesome. It’ll be good practice for that Great Hammerhead Shark Hat crochet pattern that I’ll probably have in the beginning of 2018.


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Shark Week 2018 Needs a Hammerhead Hat
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