I wish I could make these faster. I really do. This is the second in the series of tentacles hanging ornaments that will follow this particular style. It reminds me of Van Gogh’s, “The Starry Night.” I think it’s something about the blue yarn. Regardless, it’s kind of awesome.

Yellow Tentacles Hanging Ornaments
These look great hung next to your favorite kinds of paintings and perhaps an Elvis action figure and his tiny little guitar. You can buy this one by clicking here .

I finished this ornament yesterday, while riding to Pennsylvania to visit Kiddo’s doctor. (He’s fine.) It’s 3.5 hours each way, and always a bonus if we avoid traffic… which we didn’t. There were plenty of trucker dudes looking down into the car, no doubt wondering what kind of stitching silliness our car was up to. That’s what I like to think they were wondering, at least. Long trips where you don’t have to drive are great times to finish up those UFOs (unfinished objects) if you are lucky enough to be named the copilot.

Yellow Tentacles Hanging Ornament
I have a thing about contrasting colors. Kind you tell?

Like all of these tentacles hanging ornaments, this one measures about 10 inches in diameter. I hung it from the same cotton thread that I used to make the suction cups. The ornament has a lightweight armature to keep the tentacles from sticking straight out, without being too droopy. They are easily posable if you want.

Yellow Tentacles Hanging Ornament
Here’s a nice little detail shot of the ornament. I used 2 different sized suction cups for it.

These ornaments are available in the Etsy shop and the Wholesale shop. The pop of color really does add to any type of decor. The next one is pink!


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