The delay here was completely ridiculous. School ended not even 2 weeks ago, and it completely threw me off my schedule. To be fair… this update should make up for the wait. I started out trying to make some cool kind of hair and ended up with the coolest monster headpiece that may or may not be finished. There’s certainly more that can be done, but my creative thinking for this guy needs a few days to get back together. Click here to make this doll.

Monster doll headpiece
His personality continues to emerge as each crochet installment is completed.

I’m so very much diggin’ this serpentine feeling that is still going on. He’s like a hooded cobra… ready to strike! It’s very regal, and makes my guy feel like an Egyptian snake king… ’cause that’s a thing, right?

Monster doll headpiece
Side views can be kind of awesome. He’s so regal. Click here to make this doll.
Monster doll headpiece
Which is his good side? Does he have one?

The most pain in the butt part about this week’s work is the hand stitching. You have to follow the lines of his eyelids, to his mouth, and finally through his neck. After that, the headpiece just flows perfectly onto his back… which also needed to be stitched down. He’s cool enough where it’s totally worth it.

Monster headpiece
I love how each eyeball side gives him a completely different personality from the other. Click here to make this doll.
Monster doll headpiece
No big deal… just being the most awesome monster doll that he can be.

This doll will be one of the next KBG crochet patterns for sale. I’m offering my Patreon supporters the opportunity to make this doll with me in a roughed out crochet-along. I wish I could get my act together to do a fancy and professional CAL, but it’s proving to be out of my spectrum of skills. Every Wednesday, the Patron feed gets updated with the above information and the crochet pattern information needed to complete the doll up to this point. I’ve made him a Patreon tag, so all of the posts are easier to find. The Patreon tag is PCAL1. You can start whenever, as long as you are a Knot By Gran’ma Patron at any level. The finished crochet pattern will go out for testing like all the other crochet patterns, and be available for sale just like normal to everyone else. Patrons pledging $5 per new crochet pattern will get the PDF at no charge as part of their perk. YES! I WANT TO CROCHET ALONG WITH YOU AND MAKE THIS DOLL!


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