There is something so completely satisfying about seeing what seemed like a potentially awesome idea turn into a thing that you can hold in your hands… or in this case, hang in your house. I was talking about this tentacle idea at a birthday party back in January, and it must have been meant to be, because the first of my tentacle ornaments is up for sale in both the retail and wholesale shops.

Octopus fiber art
As much as I say I hate hand stitching… I kind of do love sewing the suction cups to the tentacle base. The end product is always worth it.

These are the most wonderful stash busters. I’ve been using a mixture of worsted weight wool, fingering weight wool yarns, and cotton thread to create different looks to a very simple design. The next 2 ornaments will be similar, but completely unique at the same time. Each ornament has a light, wire armature stitched inside. I didn’t want the tentacles to completely flop over when it is hung in the air.

Octopus fiber art
These ornaments look great from the front or the back. If they’re hung in an area where the air flows, you’ll get a great view while it turns.

I kind of want to make one of these for myself to hang over the bed… I have a cool, mostly finished dreamcatcher that I crocheted a few years back. I just found it stuffed inside of a drawer. I’m going to add some feathers to it before I rehang it, and I think one or two of these tentacle ornaments would be a great companion piece. Where would you hang your tentacle ornament?

Octopus fiber art
These ornaments turned out so big! A whopping 10 inches in diameter is more than enough to add a very cool pop of color in your living spaces.

These really take forever to make. I love it though. My crochet hook always seems to make it back to making tentacles. It’s been this way for such a long time (for real). You can purchase this Tentacle Ornament in the shop. Click here. If you are a retailer, and would like to carry these tentacle ornaments in your store, please contact me or visit the Knot By Gran’ma wholesale shop.


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Where Would You Hang a Tentacle Ornament?
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