It’s week #3, and this guy is so freakin’ cool. We’re adding the eyelids, nose, teeth, and lips this week. It makes such a difference in the doll once they have a face. This part is going to take a little patience, but it’ll all be worth seeing  your monster doll come to life as you’re stitching.

Monster doll facial features
They eyelids really add a layer of detail that I think was missing from my pieces for a long time. It’s really fun to mess around with different ways to design them.

We’re adding thread for the lips, and the tiniest amount of fiberfill for the teeth, to the list of materials that you need for this doll. This week’s PDF will cover that, along with the written pattern for his face. I have included helpful photographs to help you make him super awesome.

Monster doll facial features
I wonder how he eats with those big old teeth… it’s probably awesome regardless of how he does it. They were (again) the hardest part, but only because my tension was too tight when I started the points.

This doll will be one of the next KBG crochet patterns for sale. I’m offering my Patreon supporters the opportunity to make this doll with me in a roughed out crochet-along. I wish I could get my act together to do a fancy and professional CAL, but it’s proving to be out of my spectrum of skills. Every Wednesday, the Patron feed gets updated with the above information and the crochet pattern information needed to complete the doll up to this point. I’ve made him a Patreon tag, so all of the posts are easier to find. The Patreon tag is PCAL1. You can start whenever, as long as you are a Knot By Gran’ma Patron at any level. The finished crochet pattern will go out for testing like all the other crochet patterns, and be available for sale just like normal to everyone else. Patrons pledging $5 per new crochet pattern will get the PDF at no charge as part of their perk. YES! I WANT TO CROCHET ALONG WITH YOU AND MAKE THIS DOLL!

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