I was going to finish this doll’s eyelids, teeth, and mouth for this week; the body being left open was really bothering me. We’ll get to the face details next week. I promise.

The legs/bottom area was giving me a bit of trouble. In fact, this is where my failed rabbit pattern went wrong last time. I don’t know what my deal is with doll bottoms… this is why I end up with tentacles, I think. it seems easier to just throw some killer tentacles on instead of legs or whatever the bottom of the dolls should be.

Serpentine monster doll
Once he gets some legs to help him balance, he’ll be a free standing monster doll. Very exciting!

The good news is I already knew I wanted this doll to have a snake bottom. I just wasn’t sure about how I was going to execute the crocheting to make it look right. Luckily, I’ve made some stockings and have a very loose idea of how knit sock heels go, so I was able to come up with this very cool upright slithery shape. I’m psyched.

This doll will be one of the next KBG crochet patterns for sale. I’m offering my Patreon supporters the opportunity to make this doll with me in a roughed out crochet-along. I wish I could get my act together to do a fancy and professional CAL, but it’s proving to be out of my spectrum of skills. Every Wednesday (started last week ago), the Patron feed gets updated with the above information and the crochet pattern information needed to complete the doll up to this point. I’ve made him a Patreon tag, so all of the posts are easier to find. The Patreon tag is PCAL1. You can start whenever, as long as you are a Knot By Gran’ma Patron at any level. The finished crochet pattern will go out for testing like all the other crochet patterns, and be available for sale just like normal to everyone else. Patrons pledging $5 per new crochet pattern will get the PDF at no charge as part of their perk. YES! I WANT TO CROCHET ALONG WITH YOU AND MAKE THIS DOLL!


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