This doll was originally going to be something completely different. I’m not sure what happened between the head and upper body, but it’s not going in the direction I had originally started. I should probably get back to sketching out my dolls before I even touch a hook and yarn again. Regardless.

I’m left with a cool doll that has eyes and arms but no name. I need to see more of his personality before I figure the name part out.

Monster doll CAL
Join in with this monster doll crochet-along!

Speaking of personality, the eyes do it for me. I hate most of my dolls before I add the eyes. They’re just really boring with no eyeballs. I’m obviously drawn to the rainbow colored iris thread, and LOVE picking out safety eyes… one is always a color that seems to fit the doll, and the other eye is a cold black pupil. It’s jut the way my dolls have always been. The combination makes me happy. It’s up to the doll to figure out if I’ll be adding variations or extra details to each eyeball.  Go figure.

The challenge for this doll’s eyes was really the space of the face. They need to fit above the protruding mouth part of the face and still leave room for some hair or monster head covering. I kept this set simple and just let the eyes be normal (albeit rainbow) eyes. There’s going to be lids coming soon, and that’ll finish out the eye portion of the face. He’ll most likely get a name after that part is complete, because the eyes do it. It’s my favorite part when creating a doll. FAVORITE.

Do you have a favorite part of crocheting dolls?

This doll will be one of the next KBG crochet patterns for sale. I’m offering my Patreon supporters the opportunity to make this doll with me in a roughed out crochet-along. I wish I could get my act together to do a fancy and professional CAL, but it’s proving to be out of my spectrum of skills. Every Wednesday (starting 2 days ago), the Patron feed gets updated with the above information and the crochet pattern information needed to complete the doll up to this point. I’ve made him a Patreon tag, so all of the posts are easier to find. The Patreon tag is PCAL1. You can start whenever, as long as you are a Knot By Gran’ma Patron at any level. The finished crochet pattern will go out for testing like all the other crochet patterns, and be available for sale just like normal to everyone else. Patrons pledging $5 per new crochet pattern will get the PDF at no charge as part of their perk. YES! I WANT TO CROCHET ALONG WITH YOU AND MAKE THIS DOLL!


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The Eyeballs are my Favorite Part
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