Last fall I was playing around with easy to make hand puppets. I was looking for a design that was quick to make and fun to play with. Half of my wish came true. The puppets were so fun to play with… still took forever. The cost effectiveness of my new puppets was silly and after figuring out a cute one-eyed version, I wanted to elaborate on the design and get a crochet pattern out.

Puppets are one of my favorite thing to mess around with, and even during craft shows, I was goofing around with the little kids and talking in funny voices with them… all because we were wearing puppets. It was awesome. Now you can fill your toyboxes with puppets of your very own.

MONSTERS Hand Puppet Crochet Pattern | Knot By Gran'ma Blog
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The MONSTERS Hand Puppet crochet pattern doesn’t have it’s own supplemental web page. The pattern is easy enough to follow that I was able to include the few helper photos into the crochet pattern PDF. The most difficult part about this pattern is when you crochet the fingers together to get into the hand portion. It’s harder to explain than it is to crochet!

I’m trying to make these tricky parts as easy as possible for you. Helpful photos are included in with the crochet pattern.

I wanted everyone to be able to join into the fun and have puppets in their sizes. This pattern has a toddler, child, teen/small adult, and large adult sizing. You simply measure the width of your hand across your knuckles to find out what size is appropriate for your project.

This crochet pattern is for intermediate crocheters… mostly. I’ve listed the things you really need to be able to do before crocheting this pattern. They’re not hard and I’m hoping that you beginners learn these skills so you can make these very fun puppets: Single Crochet for the WinCrocheting in the RoundStop Being Afraid of Working with ThreadHow to Make a Decreased Single Crochet Stitch, Joining in (this is coming next week), Different Weight Yarn Together as One StrandHow to Mark Stitches

MONSTERS Hand Puppet Crochet Pattern | Knot By Gran'ma Blog
Out of the 4 puppets that I made, this combination of worsted and sock yarn is my absolute favorite.

You can find this crochet pattern for sale on the website, Ravelry, Etsy, and LoveCrochet. All Knot By Gran’ma crochet patterns are copyright protected. Reselling, distributing, copying, or rewriting is prohibited. Please. Making and then selling this piece, however, is allowed. Happy crocheting, and thank you for supporting a small crochet designer.

Please be sure to come back and share your MONSTERS Hand Puppets below. The link up loads randomly, so you’re never late in joining.

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