There’s something so very satisfying about listing a bunch of items at once. Here are some new options for the Cat Butt Ornaments and some new handspun yarns. These are great little side project to break up the monotony of pattern typing and computer work. I’ve been trying to be better about creating on the side more, to keep all of the crochet work fresh.

Handspun yarn and cat butts
The Cat Butt Ornaments went into the retail shop and the wholesale shop. I really love the how the fingering yarn adds to the design and colors with them. It makes each one completely unique and so colorful. 

This new style of Cat Butt Ornaments really makes me happy. The use of fingering weight, variegated yarn really pops the different colors. Each Cat Butt is one of a kind, and full of cool color patterns. They’re a little bigger than the original Cat Butts, but I love them so much more. It’s funny how the color surprise part of the yarn, keeps these fun to make. The original cat butts (in solid colors) bore the tears out of me. I hate making them. I almost quit making Cat Butts all together, but this little tweak makes me very content to keep going with them.

Handspun yarn and cat butts
The morning spinning really is a wonderful thing. It’s a great way to start the day AND look how pretty this handspun yarn is!!! You can find it in the retail shop and also through Etsy Studio.

Spinning yarn is one of my favorite things to do. A lot of this yarn is from fiber I picked up at various Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festivals over the years. I have a ton of raw fiber to get through, so I figured I should spin up the finished roving that I have on hand first. I’m so pleased with the yarn and hope you love it too.

Cat Butt Ornaments

Handspun Yarn

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Handspun Yarn and Cat Butts Shop Update
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