Crochet is a rough business. Time is already not on your side, because it takes forever to complete. How are you supposed to make amazing pieces, and keep your work in front of as many eyeballs as possible? How are you supposed to be seen amongst the rest of the crochet work that’s freaking dancing across the various computer monitors of people who love to look/buy/critique/whatever crochet work and patterns? It’s hard. Sometimes a few different moves can give your crochet work a much needed boost in views… and if you’re lucky, sales.

Crochet tentacles doll
I’m showing off my awesome crochet right now! I want this tentacle theme stuck in KBG fans’ heads. I’m not going to tell you why, because I’m a jerk. Adding this quirky little caption, might further keep the tentacle SOMETHING stuck in your brains. This is also part of the writing about your work part below.

Here are a few extra little efforts that I have been adding to my rotation of sweet, sweet crochet marketing. It’s been easy to do each of these (aside from the first little tip) a few times a week each, and it’s been swell seeing that other people are seeing my crochet.

  • Consistantly create awesome crochet. Yes. The time issue here can be a little tricky, but you are already sharing your work in progress online. (You are doing that, right?) If you are only producing a new item or pattern once every 3 months while disappearing from the internet, you might as well throw on a cape and call yourself The Invisible Wonder. There are at least 80 gabillion things going on online, and even your fans will forget about your work if you’re not popping up on a regular basis. You have to keep reminding them that you are an awesome crocheter.
  • Write about your awesome crochet work. REALLY?! Yes. Really. I had been getting an increase in folks visiting my website, shops, and even social media accounts while maintaining a regular blog posting schedule. I stopped for a week and… crickets, tumbleweed, and holy crap; 7 views in my Etsy shop today. I stopped writing for a week. That was it. Writing about what kind of crochet I’m doing, and other fab tidbits regarding crochet, has really helped. I’m also really, really enjoying the caption section. Toot your own horn.
  • Visit Reddit’s crochet section. Before you do anything, please go through the posts and see everyone else’s awesome crochet. You’ll thank me. There are a lot of talented people sharing on Reddit. Then share your work. Utilize the weekly threads (FOLLOW THE RULES), share your F.Os (finished objects), and make some connections. Other crocheters know good work, and if they’re digging what you’re putting out there, they’ll find you online in other places. I have seen this happen with my own eyes.
  • Join weekly blog hops. These are great for posting what you have been doing. I like the Moogly/Petals to Picots Hookin’ on Hump Day for crochet patterns the best. I had my Not a Shawl, Shawlette get featured and it was awesome. People were visiting from all over and it took me about 23 seconds to share the link from the blog. Just make sure that you go back a few days after posting and visit the other crocheters’ awesome crochet. Do it. It will make you happy.

What little things do you find yourself adding to your marketing efforts froom crochet (or any other creative business)?


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