Let’s start out with explaining that I need to be home where it’s quiet to work. I am without a noiseproof workspace. An office with a door would be wonderful, but that’s not how our home is set up at this stage. When school is out, and my schedule is thrown to the wind, it becomes difficult to remain productive. There is noise and constant, “Ma. Ma. Ma. Ma. Ma. Ma. Ma.” interruptions. We’re also on the move quite a bit. Break is a great time for friends coming over, and planning day trips. It’s not so good for working.

Our district has a week long spring break that leads up to Easter. We’re lucky in that we don’t also have a mid-winter break, which throws a wrench in things around the end of February. I’ll take it. I was determined to keep most of my schedule and not disappear off the face of the internet for a week. The fun parts of break needed to remain FUN and without uneccessary stress.

Handspun yarn and doll head crochet
The finished handspun yarn, hanging out with one of my dolls for an upcoming project.

In order to accomplish work and fun, there had to be a plan. I realized this BEFORE the break this year, and it was so much easier. Having my business organized and on a scheduled was key. This whole running your business like a real business thing, has been nothing but fantastic.

  • Realize that you will not be as productive as usual. Be okay with that. I work while the kids are at school for a reason. With them being home, the usual 4-6 hours of work will not be possible. It’s just the way it is. Kids can’t help being kids, and they shouldn’t have to wait for me to finish working to enjoy their break.
  • Decide what things absolutely need to be completed. I wanted to keep blogging and have the newsletter to go out. I was adamant about my birthday/Spring Cleaning Sale. Everything else was gravy.
  • Figure out what creative bits you can fit into your activities. Most spring breaks leave me creatively starving. There’s just not enough time in the day to be Awesome Fun Mom and sit down for hours with some yarn. I wanted to get my Monster Hand Puppets completed, finish processing the handspun yarn pile that I left, and get some more cat butts made for wholesale inquiries. The hand puppets were stitched together at the orthodontist, and I wove in the ends while watching TV. Kiddo had friends over the same day that Dr. Destructo went to a school’s out camp, and that was a great time to finish up the yarn. (It took all of 20 minutes to finish.) I fit cat butts in later at night when everyone is asleep. There’s counting involved with the cat butts, so I do need to concentrate a little.
  • Have a great time with the kids. Apparently you blink, and your kids are 14 and 8… and actually fun to hang out with. It’s been an awesome week. Everyone got to do what they wanted (including serious rollercoaster riding), and we weren’t at each others throats over me working.

This was probably the most relaxing school break in… ever, while still feeling like it was productive. I’ll be sure to plan for school breaks from now on this way. Everyone wins. No one feels like they are missing out, just because Knot By Gran’ma is a work from home, small business.

How do you handle running your small business from home when the kids are off of school?


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