I am running out of room… like up to my eyeballs in monsters. Without the craft shows that I’d normally do, these dolls just aren’t moving. They have to go. This is a win win for everyone. I get to make some much needed space in my studio (cough*craft closet*cough), and you gals and guys get some awesome pieces at deeply discounted prices. Spring cleaning time is a wonderful time.

Being that it’s my birthday, I also decided to run a crochet pattern sale on top of the monster dolls through my Ravelry crochet pattern shop. Woot! Gifts for everyone.

Spring Cleaning and Birthday Crochet Pattern Sales
Crochet patterns on sale here (through 4/14/17) & monsters on sale here!

Each monster that has to go is in the Spring Clearance Sale section of the Knot By Gran’ma monster shop. There are no coupon codes to remember, and they’ll stay priced the way they are until they are gone. More room for me, means more monster designs and crochet patterns for you. Click here to see them.

Monster Puppet
It’s time to make it easier for you to purchase these monsters! I sure could use the room in my little studio for the new items.

In honor of turning 38, I’m offering 30% off of all the KBG crochet patterns. It’s the McOlderson sale, and you can save on crochet patterns when you shop through the KBG Ravelry (only) shop. There’s no coupon codes to remember here either, and the sale is good through 4/14/17 (EST). Click here to save 30%.

Have fun shopping! I’m at Six Flags New England, riding roller coasters!


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Spring Cleaning and Birthday Crochet Pattern Sale
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