Here is the newest little set of cat butt ornaments. I’ve been having fun playing with the variegated sock yarn with the solid base colors for these butts. You really never know how it’ll turn out until you are finished. It’s the little things for me… The last set listed had ten cat butt ornaments, so a set of three seemed like a good start for those of you still on the fence about cat butts; especially in your brick and mortar shops. It’s time to really get this cat butt wholesale train moving, and I’m hoping that having more choices will be helpful.

If you are a store owner that is interested in carrying KBG items, please visit the wholesale shop for these cat butts. Everyone else can buy them in the Knot By Gran’ma shop.

Purple Cat Butt Ornament Set of 3
Purple Cat Butt Ornament Set of 3 (Retail/Wholesale)

The biggest part of getting KBG cat butts out there is contacting different types of places that would be interested in carrying or featuring them. This takes a little bit of work on my part, and there’s really not excuse for putting it off like I have. I swear, I’m my own worst enemy sometimes. I’m setting up a list of places to contact over the weekend, so I can start first thing Monday morning.

  • Mom and pop pet stores
  • Veterinarian offices
  • Gift shops
  • Cat/pet magazines
  • Cat/pet blogs
Purple Cat Butt Ornament Set of 3 (Retail/Wholesale)
Cat Butt Ornament close up. (Wholesale/Retail)

Getting these cat butts out in the retail world really will make cat people happier. I know this from my time doing craft shows with them. People smile and laugh EVERY TIME they figure out what they are. Getting cat butts out into more shops will get more eyeballs on them. That’s really the goal around here lately; make Knot By Gran’ma items more visible to more people. I think you will all love them. It’s been years, and I still get a kick out of making these… they’re just a little more colorful now.


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Wholesale Cat Butts Could Keep Cat People Happier
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