I started spinning in the morning again. Every morning used to have some sort of fiber work (play), but then it just stopped. I stopped, and didn’t realize that I was missing it. It’s been nice to start the day with some quiet time at my wheel. My standard, morning grump has been subsiding, which I’m sure the kids can appreciate. Anything that makes waking up ridiculously early a little better, should probably be embraced.

Merino/Silk spool
This yarn was from the remaining half of some gorgeous roving that I bought in Rhinebeck a few years ago. This would be gorgeous as a single ply yarn.

I had started the Merino/Silk (above) just to use it. It’s been sitting in a basket for at least 2 years, and I have bags and bags and bags of raw wool to wash and use. I broke off the ends of each color, and combed them together with ends from the next color. The transitions were a bit more blended from the last yarn I spun from this roving. It got the spinning juices flowing.

Combed Leicester and Alpaca
I used my new combs for these little fiber bumps. They made blending the two wools together easier than the carding.

While the Marino/Silk single was resting on the bobbin, I started thinking about how there really aren’t any rules for blending and spinning yarn. I pulled out some colored Alpaca and the last of the Leicester I had. I really love my combs more every time I use them. My carders were never used this much, and I’m glad I sold them. This yarn is exactly how I thought it should come out. The blending between the Alpaca and Leicester worked out perfectly, and then was fun to spin. I’m looking forward to creating repeatable colorways with the handspun and adding single ply yarn to my spinning.

Leicester/Alpaca bobbin
Resting on the bobbin, but this would also be gorgeous left as it is. The Alpaca pops of color made the Leicester feel softer and added great texture.

Spinning each morning will allow me to get some slow yarn projects in. I’d love to start offering my handspun yarns with a crochet pattern that could be used with the yardage available. These skeins ended up being 65 and 70 yards of yarn each. Little projects that feature these handspun yarns would be a wonderful addition to the KBG shops.

Handspun yarn
The yarn is chain plied and still unwashed. It’s always hard to figure out if I want to make something out of them, or if I want to list them in my shop.

Do you do something creative with fiber in the mornings? Doing something that I love in the quietest part of my day, is kind of awesome.


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