This is my new shawlette. I started crocheting this late, last summer in the hopes that I’d get a piece that I love out of it. It was a good plan. This shawlette has been a staple in my wardrobe this past winter, and I’m looking forward to do some early spring hiking. It’s the perfect size to keep the chill off, and you can wear it many different ways.

I wanted to make the shawlette an easy crochet pattern that looks like it was hard to make. It’s not. You could take a weekend or two to finish the entire thing. The finished shawlette measures approximately 53″ X 15″.

Not a Shawl, Shawlette crochet pattern

I wanted the shawlette to be airy and light. I have this thing where if there’s something on my neck, I kind of freak out a little. This is the compromise. I don’t notice it while wearing it, and that was the entire point of using the fingering weight yarn. You get the warmth without the weight.

Not a Shawl, Shawlette
As you can see, it does bundle up nicely to keep out the cold. Click here to purchase this crochet pattern!

I use a D hook for this crochet pattern. It’s my favorite size crochet hook to work with. It lets the shawlette have a little body to it, while still feeling like a light shawlette. It’s perfect for keeping the cold spring air at bay, and could even be great on those chilly summer evenings.

Not a Shawl, Shawlette crochet pattern
A shawl stick works well keeping your shawlette in place. Click here to get the crochet pattern.
Not A Shawl, Shawlette crochet pattern
Turn your shawlette into a cowl. There are so many ways to wear this piece. Click here to get the crochet pattern.

The shawlette if for sale on the KBG website, Ravelry, Etsy, and LoveCrochet. It’s a simple PDF written pattern. Here are some helpful tutorials that you can use to help when making this shawlette:

Come back when you’re finished with your Not a Shawl, Shawlette, and share a photo below. The link up loads randomly, so you’re never late in joining.

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Not A Shawl, Shawlette Release and Gallery
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