I have 70 crochet pattern designs that include free, paid, and unavailable crochet patterns. Holy crap! That’s quite the number. I started designing patterns about 14 years ago, and while I love what I’ve been doing lately, I’m cringing at quite a few of these… okay, more than a few. Some. Of. Them. Are. So. Bad. It’s time to thin out the horrible, and reformat the ones worth saving.

Shelly Doll
The Shelly Doll crochet pattern never got any love. I’m going to blame poor pattern writing on this one. She’ll be totally revamped with wool yarn and probably thread eyes and a mouth that you can see. I love her and want to see her become a pattern that people make for their little kids.

On April 1st, 2017, I’m making them all of these crochet patterns unavailable and slowly deleting them to make the shop(s) more cohesive with my current style. Here are they are:

  • Baby Block and Bins
  • Bunnies
  • Cables on the Horizon Blanket
  • Critter Caps
  • Disgruntled Dave
  • Easter Egg Outfits
  • Emperor Penguin
  • Ghosties
  • Kitten Mittens
  • Mini Monster
  • Ocean Motif Set
  • Out of the Snow Scarflette
  • Peebler Monster
  • Recycled Fruits and Veggies Shopping Bag
  • Snail Doll
  • Textured Eyeglass Case
  • The Gift of Monster Holiday Ornament
  • Valentine’s Heart Ornaments and Garland
Aviator Hat
This is by far the most purchased crochet pattern that I have. I designed this for a friend (the hat was for her, and the pattern was for me). It just needs to be reformatted for the most part. It’s a great pattern.

I do want to fix some of my older, but still kind of cool, crochet patterns. I plan on doing it on the weekends or evenings when I’m watching TV until they are done. Some of them just need the pattern itself reformatted. Others need a little bit more added to them… better pictures, clearer directions, etc. Here’s the list of crochet patterns that are getting a makeover. These are up for sale on Ravelry (and some are on Etsy), but if you buy them through Ravelry, you’ll get the updated pattern automatically when it’s added.

You’ll notice that my free crochet patterns are notably missing from these lists. I’m not ready to dive into them yet. I’ve been thinking a lot about free crochet patterns, and whether I want to spend any more time on them for the time being. They’ll remain how they are until I figure that part out.

*EDITs* See Are Free Crochet Patterns Making it Harder to Earn a Living? for what’s going on with the free crochet patterns. Also, the pattern links for the crochet patterns that I am getting rid of have been deleted.


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