Seriously. What are the last few items that you have crocheted for yourself? I used to be really bad at this, but a little motivation to change goes a long way. I crocheted the last Monster Puppet for myself, my upcoming Not a Shawl Shawlette, and the Jackalackackie Hat. I wear the shawlette and hat all the time. Winter soccer practice has been at this creepy (like ax murderer creepy) park, where we have to walk up a giant road to the building with no heat. They have come in handy in keeping me warm.

My Monster puppet… just makes me happy. Lip syncing to whatever song is currently (at the time of this post… Smells Like Teen Spirit) playing off of my playlist is the best thing ever.

Crocheting For Yourself Makes You Happy | Knot By Gran'ma Blog

Here are a few reasons why crocheting for yourself created JOY

  • You have mad skills if you can crochet… even if you’re just starting out. Wearing your own work is incredibly satisfying, and it’s always a confidence booster to say, “I made this” whenever someone asks where you got that piece. Be proud of those skills!
  • Crocheting is very relaxing, once you get the rhythm of the stitches. I don’t know about you, but I tend to be happier when I’m calm. Things roll off of my back much easier. It’s an added bonus to be making something that you know you’ll love… because IT’S FOR YOU. No worries about if someone will like it.
  • I’m hard on the cell phones. Social media is awesome, but we all need a break. Spending your time crocheting, instead of reading the latest train wreck of what’s going on in the world, will make you happier. Crochet doesn’t make you worry. It doesn’t troll you. Crochet is simple; an awesome process of making something beautiful (or not) out of yarn and a funny stick. It doesn’t make you feel bad. Do more crochet and less with the phones.
Crocheting For Yourself Makes You Happy | Knot By Gran'ma Blog
I love this hat. I wear it all the time. It’s awesome.

The crocheting for yourself challenge: Find a way to make something for yourself. 10 minutes a day will add up to (eventually) a finished project. Life is busy, but we need to make sure we’re doing things that create happiness. Right now I’m in the middle of knitting a cowl/messy bun hat for (ME) some spring hiking. I’d like my next project to be a crochet project (also for myself). I’ll just make sure I throw whatever that project is in my bag, so when I have some downtime during soccer practice or to wherever I’m shuttling little people. Plus the weekends are for fun crochet and knitting. I’m going to pick something off of my I Want to Crochet or Knit These Board on Pinterest.

Get yourself some yarn! Crocheting for yourself will make you happy.


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Crocheting For Yourself Makes You Happy
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