I took Kiddo to the orthodontist yesterday, and brought my knitting with me. I’ve been doing that lately. I do a lot of running around and have been making sure I have some knitting with me. All I wanted to do was finish casting on 92 stitches and use the long tail cast on (because I can finally do it, but mess up the length on the tail every time…). I was hoping to not mess up. (I did.) The waiting room was packed full of kids with braces and their parents. I felt simultaneously awesome and awkward just knitting away.

I’m making a skinny cowl that I can also pull up as a messy bun hat. I often wear my hair in a messy bun. It could come in handy for some spring hiking. I did manage to get the cowl cast on while waiting at the orthodontists. I’m only a few rows in, because I haven’t really had any downtime since then… just a little bit this morning. Whatever. I’ll take it.

And, yes. Kiddo is getting braces.

6 Reasons Crocheters Should Bring Knitting on Everyday Adventures
You think I’d be sick to death of pink. NOPE. This cowl will have another color though. I don’t think I have enough of this yarn left to finish. I’m going to be really busy with the kids this March, so this should be finished with no problem by hiking season. 

6 reasons why crocheters should bring knitting on everyday adventures.

  • Sometimes you don’t want to crochet. Sometimes crochet is your job, and like most people, you don’t want to work on your breaks. You probably still want to create something (usually). Knitting fills this need, and you get a pretty knit piece in the end.
  • Knitting kind of forces you to relax. If you’re knitting when you’re all tense and anxious, you know your tension is going to be messed up… especially if you’re in the middle of the piece, and your tense knitting doesn’t match your calm knitting. No one likes to tink back or frog a few rows. Ever. Take a few deep breaths before and during your knitting. You’ll be a happier knitter (and you).
  • You will never be bored. Knitting is hard, and it makes you use your brain. This is a perfect way to block out a noisy waiting room or the 27th time you hear the story of how your kid slid through the hallway on his stomach the other day in school. Concentrate and everything else kind of gets a little quieter.
  • Practice makes perfect. You are going to need all the practice for great knitting. It takes a lot of work to become awesome at something. All crocheters should be pretty awesome when it comes to knitting. The same goes for crocheting knitters. Practice every chance you get.
  • Knitting takes even longer to complete than crochet. If you ever want to finish anything, you have to make sure you’re picking up those needles! I knit for solely for pleasure. I love the pieces I have made and want more. I have to use my downtime, even if it’s only for a few minutes; even one row/round further is great.
  • You’re knitting instead of staring at your phone. For real. Put those things away, and make something with your hands.


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6 Reasons Crocheters Should Bring Knitting on Everyday Adventures
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