So many attacks on women’s healthcare availability and rights… For real? Women’s rights are human rights, no? I’ve had enough. I’m standing up for women’s healthcare rights. Healthcare for women should be personal, private, safe, and affordable. Women are human beings, the same as men. I’m baffled how my choices regarding my body, affect anyone in this country… probably because my choices don’t affect anyone aside from myself… and maybe Hubs. (We’re a team, and he’s informed… but ultimately it’s my body. Also he’s cool as hell when it comes to women’s issues.) This goes for any other woman.

Naturally the next step was to crochet a uterus doll… and then give it an angry eye as an option. I originally wanted to mail mass uteri to congressmen/women that didn’t understand that their religious beliefs regarding women’s healthcare didn’t belong in the government. It totally doesn’t, by the way. Then I realized that everything is irradiated (subjected to super high heat) when mailed to the government. These would melt and the whole thing would be a giant waste of time. Gah.

Uterus doll: Craftivism for Women's Rights | Knot By Gran'ma
Click here to purchase this crochet pattern. $5

How does this all work? It took me a while to come up with the answer of how to peacefully support women’s rights. My anger towards lawmakers was making it hard to see the obvious. I was making everything very complicated and nothing seemed like a good idea. I got frustrated, and then realized I had to let the anger go. I simplified. I can donate all sales to Planned Parenthood. This allows women who are without safe and affordable healthcare to access it. Thus, the Uterus Doll Crochet Pattern was “born.” (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

Uterus doll: Craftivism for Women's Rights | Knot By Gran'ma
Sometimes you might need an angry uterus… you never know.

This isn’t for you if you are pro-birth. I care about the well being of a woman before, during, and after a pregnancy. I also care about what happens to that baby after it is born. All women deserve safe and affordable healthcare and reproductive freedom to decide what is best for them. You have a right to your beliefs. I just don’t agree with you. Please don’t leave me angry comments. I won’t publish them. Ahem.

I am extremely privileged that I don’t have to worry about my women’s healthcare needs. I have healthcare through Hub’s job. It’s stuck in the 50’s due to being part of the He-man Woman Haters Club, BUT I have access to safe and affordable women’s healthcare. This is important, because without this healthcare, I could have died… twice. Miscarriage after miscarriage, and then ultimately 2 ectopic pregnancies were handled through my access to healthcare. The ectopic pregnancies required medication and then surgery to ensure my fallopian tubes didn’t burst and kill me. Twice. I wonder how many women end up in the ER with ectopic pregnancies that they weren’t able to monitor, leaving them with bills they can’t afford or even resulting in their deaths. It’s not right that all women don’t have access to regular pap smears, neonatal care, birth control, information on their options, etc.

It’s insane that women still die from lack of healthcare. It’s insane that laws are passed regulating what we can or cannot do with out bodies. Seriously, where are the laws telling men what to do with their bodies? You know, the ones that dictate if men are able to have safe and affordable access to prostate cancer screening, ED issues, vasectomies, etc… come on. Where are those laws? It’s so stupid that we have to still fight for control over our bodies. If we can help even one woman with this Uterus Doll piece, then it’s all worth it. I’m hoping to be able to update this page monthly with a running count of donations made to Planned Parenthood.

Uterus doll: Craftivism for Women's Rights | Knot By Gran'ma
Knot By Gran’ma, through the Knot Hate Project, supports women’s health. Thank you for your purchase of this crochet pattern. All proceeds go to Planned Parenthood to make sure all women have access to healthcare. Get your pattern here.

Jess, what if I can’t crochet? I want to help. We have 2 options.

  • Donate $5 to Planned Parenthood. That’s what your crochet pattern would cost. It’s easy and fast. Drop me a note about it. I’d love to hear from you.
  • EMAIL ME a uterus order. You can choose from red or pink. They cost $31 each. You can get one with an eyeball or plain. Just let me know. If you are ordering from NY state, there will be sales tax too. That goes to the government. Here’s a breakdown of what goes into the $31 cost:
    • $20 goes to my time (at $10 an hour… minimum wage in my part of NY right now)
    • $3 goes to supplies
    • $3 goes to shipping and fees
    • $5 goes to Planned Parenthood.

CLICK HERE to purchase your Uterus Doll Crochet Pattern. Then visit the Knot Hate Project page for more things you can do to make a difference. Also, Knot By Gran’ma and the Knot Hate Project have no affiliation with Planned Parenthood.

UPDATE: (3/8/17)

Craftivism for Women's Rights | Knot By Gran'ma Blog
Yeah!!!! Every little bit helps. THANK YOU!


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Craftivism for Women’s Rights
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