These puppets may be my all time favorite crochet pattern design that I have ever come up with. Scratch that. They are my all time favorite design. I’ve been quietly designing and testing these patterns for the KBG Patreon page. I wanted to make a really cool crochet pattern for anyone who supports my Knot By Gran’ma crochet pattern designing. These guys fill that goal.

Patreon Puppet Doll Crochet Pattern Sneak Peek | Knot By Gran'ma
They are just too much fun… puppet and monster doll wrapped up in one pretty cool crochet pattern for my Patreon supporters.

These monsters, with all of their tentacled goodness, are actually pretty fun to crochet. There are 2 different teeth patterns to choose from, and the combinations of what you can do with them is pretty cool. Their hair is another customization that you can add, along with giving your puppet eyeliner… because that should always be an option in a crochet pattern. The tentacle work looks really hard, but it’s seriously single crochet, and there are 3 different parts that they are broken down into. Essentially, I wanted a crochet pattern that had options. You can completely make this puppet doll your own.

You do need a few key crochet skills to complete the crochet pattern. If you cannot work in the round, decrease, increase or are scared of working up and down the edges of your crochet; this crochet pattern isn’t for you. These aren’t difficult skills to master, but you do need to know how to do it. There a lot of hand stitching pieces together, but I SWEAR IT’S WORTH IT. The crochet pattern lands in the skill set of intermediate crochet peeps up through professional crocheters.

Patreon Puppet Doll Crochet Pattern Sneak Peek | Knot By Gran'ma
Shorter hair and longer teeth were the original idea for this guy, but the possibilities are endless.

How does this crochet pattern work out for only Patreon supporters of KBG? Like I mentioned earlier, I want my Patreon patrons to get the coolest stuff for their support. It’s part of the incentive for support each time I publish a crochet pattern. Part of that is providing crochet patterns to them that they can’t get anywhere else. Every level of patronage gets these. The puppets are the first of hopefully many designs to come. The remainder of the crochet pattern will be posted (and possibly emailed) to my Patreon supporters after the Zombie Football Player Dolls crochet pattern is released.

Patreon Puppet Doll Crochet Pattern Sneak Peek | Knot By Gran'ma
Longer hair and smaller teeth on this lady. Also… eyeliner. I’m keeping this lady for myself!

If you are interested in getting the crochet pattern for the Puppet Monster Dolls, please head on over to the Knot By Gran’ma Patreon page. You can have all your questions answered there and maybe you’ll feel inclined to support Knot By Gran’ma too.

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Patreon Puppet Doll Crochet Pattern Sneak Peek