There is a crochet story behind the Zombie Football Player Dolls. So seven years ago (more of my old is showing) I was contacted by Carrie Harris, author of, “Bad Taste and Boys.” Her book was coming out, and she needed a Zombie Football Player Doll crochet pattern so she could make a bunch of zombie football player dolls to give away when her book came out. It all sounded pretty good, and our zombie doll was born. There was a KBG interview and everything. Good times…

The Zombie Football Player Dolls crochet pattern pre-sale
Click here to get buy this crochet pattern.

The adorable original was improved, and I redesigned the pattern to fit my current designing style. The original was great, but I wanted to see him redone with thread and more zombie features. Thus, the larger zombie doll. He hangs out with the small zombie monster, whose crochet pattern was tweaked to make sense. You get two patterns, with two different skill levels, in one purchase. That’s pretty awesome.

The Zombie Football Player Dolls crochet pattern
The original zombie football player doll… Click here to get the crochet patterns.
The Zombie Football Player Dolls crochet pattern
The new design! Click here to get the crochet patterns.

Knot By Gran’ma crochet patterns are copyright protected. What does that mean, and why are you telling us this? It simply means that (quoted directly from the KBG crochet pattern itself): “Reselling, distributing, copying, or rewriting is prohibited. Please. Making and then selling this piece, however, is allowed and encouraged. Happy crocheting, and thank you for supporting a small crochet designer.”

You can purchase your Zombie Football Player Dolls crochet pattern through the websiteRavelry, and Etsy.

Please share your finished Zombie Football Player Dolls below in the rotating gallery below. They load in a random order each time, so it’s never too late to add your dolls.

Also go check out Carrie Harris and her fantastic books.

*Edited to remove pre-sale information. 

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