I always hear David Bowie’s, “Changes” this time of the year. Always. This year it’s a little bit sad. I think out of all the people we lost in 2016,  his passing moved me the most. I spent quite a bit of my teenage years listening to him, and then the past few years rediscovering why I was listening to David Bowie as a teenager in the 90’s. Good stuff.

Regardless… Here are the biggest changes this year for my little part of the Knot By Gran’ma world.

  • Blogging weekly from 4 x’s a week was the biggest thing that relieved my stress. I love to write, but I hate pressure. There was so much pressure that I put on myself… probably for no good reason that I can think of. It was good to cut that out.
  • Focusing on patterns has been very enjoyable. It’s letting me think about what I’m doing differently. I’m less thinking about selling monster dolls (which is hard sometimes) to making awesome crochet patterns. Then everyone can make their own monster dolls, and that’s kind of cool. Everything feels a bit more relaxed.
  • Love is the most important thing for everything. As long as I remember that, then I think everything will work out. I know that sounds naive (and privileged), but I can still do good work while keeping love in the forefront. That’s what I’m supposed to be doing, I think.
  • Instagram is my jam. It’s my most favorite social media site, and it’s really neat to see it growing. More and more people are seeing my KBG work, and it’s awesome.
Instagram top 9: A Look Back at 2016 and Knot By Gran'ma | Knot By Gran'ma Blog
Instagram top 9 of 2016

I’m taking the week of 12/26/16 to Tuesday, 1/3/17 off. There will be no blogging or newsletter. I’ve scheduled all of my social media posts. I’ll be making and busy. There is a lot of prep work to figure out for what I have in store for next year. I’ll be mostly offline. I can’t wait.

  • Wholesale game on. Working smarter and keeping a better schedule will make a fully functional wholesale section of KBG possible. I’ve been half assing this for years, and it’s time to fix it.
  • 30 Emails to Become an Awesome Crocheter… this is the big project for 2017. I want people to easily learn how to crochet, and then I want them to make awesome monsters… and hats and shawls and whatever makes them happy. I also may call it something else. What if it only takes 27 emails to become an aweosme crocheter?
  • More doll crochet patterns (including the pink monster), more hat crochet patterns, and a full sized shawl crochet pattern. Yes please.
  • Spinning more yarn to put into kits will be a thing. All of these KBG crochet pattern redos are going to need some cool yarn, so I’m going to spin it.
  • Next year I want to write better posts; Less about how and more about why.
Pink monster: A Look Back at 2016 and Knot By Gran'ma | Knot By Gran'ma Blog
Pink monster

Some of my favorite blog posts from 2016 incude:

Happy holidays, and I’ll see you in 2017!


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A Look Back at 2016 and Knot By Gran’ma
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