There is so much laughing and funny looks around here. This puppet has been pretty fun to make, and it’s cracking me up. She’s been out on the coffee table for a few weeks now. No matter how many times I see her, it’s still a little unsettling that there’s a head just laying there. She’s waiting for a body… I have to make her a tentacle body like the original puppet, and I think I’ll add a human body too (I’ll figure out how to make them interchangeable). It’s going to be awesome. But for now, she’s just a floating head; hanging out on the coffee table for us to play with.

Floating head
She’s just a floating head, hanging out with her hair in a messy ponytail.

The most dangerous part of this puppet doll is definitely the part where I sew the teeth into the mouth… and stab myself in the finger more than once, and maybe my cheek. This was definitely the least fun part. I’m happy I didn’t save teeth for the end, like I did last time. These smaller teeth are a second option that I added to the original puppet doll. Aside from switching the hair, you can now choose teeth or mix them all up to make your very own version. I can’t wait to make more of these. So. Much. Fun.

So dangerous
Most dangerous part, hands down… sewing the teeth into the mouth.

So… what’s with the little head nub cover? You can’t just have a floating head without evidence that it was once attached to a body. She needed a little nub cover to achieve that. (You can blame this on too many horror movies when I was little, and weird taste in cartoons and art.) She’s just going to be waiting for a body for a while, and it was going to bother me without it. It’s a little quirk in my creativity, apparently. It also cracks me up.

Finishing touches
This little head nub cover part cracks me up the most. A head has to look finished… even if it’s just waiting for a body.

Why is this crochet pattern only available through Patreon? So I had a hard time with this. Part of my brain is like, “This is awesome. You should sell the crochet pattern, and make money. AWESOME!” The other part is like, “This is special, and the people that are supporting you on Patreon deserve special.” I really think there should be cool bonus material for you when you are supporting KBG through Patreon. Helping support me financially, because you like what I’m doing blows my mind. I think your perks should be equally amazing.

This crochet pattern up to this point, is up on Patreon for the supporters. It’ll be there for new supporters. It includes written directions and a supplemental crochet pattern page. That page contains photos and links to the crochet techniques you’ll need to crochet this pattern. You can make your very own floating head puppet, and that’s awesome.

You can click through to the KBG Patreon page. Maybe it’s something you’ll be interested in supporting.

Photos included in the supplemental webpage.

This pattern looks really hard. It does, but it’s not that hard. There are a few tricky parts, but the instructions are clear and there are photos to help with those parts. Most of the stitches are basic stitches, crocheting in the round isn’t bad with a little practice, and it’s a lot of simple shapes that are sewn together. I’m still marking it as an intermediate to hard pattern. BUT (and this is only my humble opinion) If you do your homework on the techniques that are needed (which are provided), I think it would be somewhat manageable for a really-adventurous-has-had-some-time-practicing-beginner. That’s just me, and I’d love if more people crocheted out of their comfort zones. I think we really surprise ourselves with what we are able to do if we really put in the effort.


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