Today is finally the day that you can make your very own Larry Monster. He’ll hold your stuff, and look awesome doing it. He’s a bit functional art, a bit monster cozy. Mine holds my remote controls in the living room, so I don’t have to worry where the kids or cats may have placed them… a place for everything. I love him.

Larry was designed to look like he was really hard to crochet. He’s not. An intermediate (come on… even an adventurous beginner, really) crocheter could easily manage this one. You do need to have the basic skills down to finish this crochet pattern. I’ve added a supplemental webpage to the crochet pattern to make it even easier. It includes helpful tutorials on the skills you will need, and extra photos that help explain the more difficult parts of the crochet pattern. You can do it. I know you can.

Functional Art: Larry Monster

Here’s the important stuff…. The finished monster measures approximately 10 inches (25.4 cm) long X 6.5 inches (16.51 cm) wide.

  • Skill Level:
    • Intermediate crocheter through advanced stitcher
  • Materials:
    • Size H/8 (5 mm) crochet hook
    • Fingering weight yarn (100 yards)
    • Bulky weight yarn (100 yards)
    • Size 7 (1.5 mm) steel hook
    • Size 10 crochet thread – main color (175 yards), white (15 yards), eye color (20 yards)
    • Fiberfill
    • Two 12 mm safety eyes
    • Yarn needle & large eye sewing needle
Hold your stuff... in monster form.
Click here to purchase your Larry Monster crochet pattern and for more information on supplies and whatnot.

You might be wondering what you could do with a Larry Monster. As stated above, you can hold your stuff, like remote controls. He also likes yarn, maybe small knick knacks that the kids have laying around, those handheld games and wires… Really, your imagination is the limit. He’s a really cool decoration, AND he’s functional.

Hey, did you know? Knot By Gran’ma crochet patterns are copyright protected. What does that mean, and why are you telling us this? It simply means that (quoted directly from the KBG crochet pattern itself): “Reselling, distributing, copying, or rewriting is prohibited. Please. Making and then selling this piece, however, is allowed and encouraged. Happy crocheting, and thank you for supporting a small crochet designer.”

Larry Monster functional art
You can purchase this finished Larry Monster RIGHT HERE!

You can purchase your Larry Monster crochet pattern directly from KBG, through Ravelry, and of course… Etsy.

Please share your finished Larry Monster dolls below in the rotating gallery below. They load in a random order each time, so it’s never too late to add your doll.

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