Weekends are a really important for resting. Working through the weekends wasn’t resting. Never taking a day “off” until I absolutely had to… wasn’t resting. Always feeling behind because there was no resting… isn’t resting. I have kids that need me to taxi them everywhere. We have Mondays off of extra curricular activities. Trying to work through all of that without a break makes for stress and incomplete work. Taking a break is a good thing.

The time spent trying to work on the weekend was making me feel like there was never a weekend. I’m a work at home mom. The weekends are a little salty for me to begin with, because I’m always here. It used to be so bad (when the kids were small), that I often didn’t know what day of the week it was. The weekend was just another 2 days where everyone was around while I was trying (and failing) to get some work done.

A shawlette I designed for myself… this was the project that started all of this resting and leisure crafting.

Burnout is a jerk, and mine turned into resentment. I started to burn out. I was miffed that my Hubs “got to go” to work. He had a weekend of no work to look forward to. The kids have the weekends to look forward to no school. I had no weekend to look forward to. It was hurting my creative juices. They were drying up and my focus was all over the place (but not anymore). I just felt crappy. I felt resentful. My actions created this feeling. Burnout is no fun.

Burnout makes other feelings come to the surface. I also felt really stupid for not having any crocheted pieces for myself. I was too busy working to make for me. This is so dumb. I should be covered in crochet (and knits). The weekends are for taking it easy and maybe making something for yourself… but only if you want. This is the part where I changed what I was doing to become more content. This is the part where I found what works for me. This is the part where I’m not talking about how it’s taken more years than I care to share to figure all of this out.

I am a work in progress, apparently.

Tension Cowl
A nice little knit cowl that I’m working on. It started out as The Listado Cowl, but went awry and turned into a Tension Cowl… my knitting tension needs work.

Everything I write about has some sort of rules to follow. Whatever. It’s working for me. Yes. I need rules. I need consistency. I need something rigid to follow. I work well this way. The rules are simple.

  • Stop working on Knot By Gran’ma by 5 pm on Friday. There is soccer practice to get Dr. Destructo to after that, so that’s the end of my week. My family has actual weekends off, so it only makes sense that I do too. You might have Tuesday and Wednesday as your weekend. That’s awesome. Make rules, with times and days, that work for you.
  • Don’t work on Knot By Gran’ma anything… I don’t count stalking Instagram for hearts and checking out everyone’s feed. I like to do that. I put away my notebooks and my yarn, my computer isn’t used for business anything, and I enjoy the weekend.
  • Work on something for me… or someone else. It’s a personal project and not a work project. That’s the part that counts. Or don’t work on anything. It’s the weekend. This is leisure time.
  • Start working again on Monday morning. It’s time to put that personal project away until the weekend and take out the work wool.

3 reasons why all of this works:

  1. I’ve created a way to look forward to things. I look forward to my personal project on the weekend, and then… I LOOK FORWARD TO GETTING BACK TO WORK on Monday morning.
  2. I’m rested. I stopped my brain from constantly running in business-business-business mode. On the weekends I switch off and just enjoy whatever we’re doing. It takes a ton of pressure off of my little entrepreneurial self to just stop for a few days.
  3. Working only for the week has allowed me to set  AND MEET goals. I want to finish this, this, and this before the weekend. It’s boosted my motivation, allowed me to be more productive, and I’m enjoying working. There’s no more resentful feelings.

Do you work through the weekend? Have we created this BE YOUR OWN BOSS AND NEVER REST  mess as more of us own our own businesses? What would you change? What works for you?


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