Holy crap, guys! Look at the awesome crocheting that’s happening over on the KBG Patreon! If you don’t want to wait, click here… Knot By Gran’ma is creating AWESOME crochet patterns, and I’d love your support. This is a long post. Please bear with me.

Wait. Jess, didn’t you already try Patreon and fail miserably? Yes. Yes I did. I’m giving it another try. My first time around, I was all over the place. I had unrealistic rewards, unrealistic time management, and overall was just out of my league. I ended up taking down the KBG Patreon and sitting on it… for months. Then something clicked. I’m starting off with offering my Octopus Monster Puppet/Doll crochet pattern only to Patrons. Yep. I’m doing it.

My Patreon should be an easy thing for people to support. I simplified, looked back on my year of wasted projects, simplified more, and I think I’ve come up with something that everyone can run with. It may take a while to get some backers, but I’m up for it. Plus, non-backers (everyone as of this post) are missing out on the coolest thing I have ever made… my Octopus Monster Puppet (he still needs a name). It’s an easy crochet pattern that is a Patreon exclusive. It’s the first crochet pattern like that, but it certainly won’t be the last. Let me break it down (imagine Hammer Time playing in the background here).

Tentacles on the monster puppet
As hard as these look to crochet, it’s really all single crochet and super easy. I think his tentacles are my favorite part of the entire puppet/doll. TENTACLES!

The perks really are amazing. 

I have two tiers of support. They are both per crochet pattern and don’t include the Patreon only patterns. I’m roughly at a crochet pattern every month. That’s it. My crochet patterns take time to design… this is why I need Patreon to help out.

  • The $1 tier gets you into the Patreon only feed.
  • The $5 tier gets you into the Patreon only feed. It gets you  the new crochet pattern. It gets you an old crochet pattern of your choice. It gets you exclusive crochet patterns that no one else is getting.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND each time I publish a crochet pattern, I’m raffling off a doll or puppet or eyeball. So that’s totally awesome too. Just saying…

What’s in the Patreon only feed? Photos, behind the scenes, pages from my notebook, crochet-alongs (with the finished patterns), and whatever else I find worthy of sharing. Click here to visit the KBG Patreon.

Monster puppet with teeth
I like him better with a mouth full of teeth.
Monster puppet with no teeth
Of course, to completely change his appearance, you can leave the teeth out… or maybe only give him 1 or 2 teeth. Whatever you want to do.

Laser focused on creating crochet patterns. This is a Patreon for crocheters who want to crochet awesome pieces, by a crocheter.

  • Short term patterns for everyone – All of my new crochet patterns and old crochet pattern re-dos fall into this category. Once I get enough Patrons to equal $10 per pattern, my Larry Monster crochet pattern will be release. After that is the Zombie Football Player re-do. That pattern gets you the old version of the Zombie Football Player and my new reworked version… Two patterns (and skill levels) for the price of one.
  • Long term patterns that are exclusive to Patreon – The first long term pattern is this Octopus Monster Puppet/Doll crochet pattern. There are so many more parts to this pattern that will be rolling out as I make them… how to make the puppet a doll, different heads, different bodies, accessories, etc… It’s going to culminate in a big giant pattern file of awesome… for KBG Patrons only. I cannot wait.
  • EVENTUALLY – I will be finishing my Monsters That Could Totally Eat You book. I just need a base to start, and that base is Patreon. (#MTCTEY for life. What?!)

Click here to visit the KBG Patreon

Monster puppet
This particular version of the Octopus Monster Puppet/Doll is a… puppet. I’m including ways to make them dolls; if you’re not into amusing yourself for hours while “puppet singing” along to your favorite Pearl Jam song. Not everyone is into that, and I hear you.

I see subtly changes in the future for KBG through (and because of) Patreon.

  • More crochet patterns for everyone. They will all have supplemental web pages to help you along, and create the need for more crochet tutorials on the blog. This is the entire point.
  • Less craft shows… which is such a happy idea. I can’t wait for this to be a reality.
  • Better blog posts, published more frequently… a constant work in progress.
  • Online crochet classes from Knot By Gran’ma need to be a thing. The first one is a basic How To Crochet in 30 Emails sort of thing (I’m still tweaking it). We need to spread the mad crochet skills around the world. It’s a good skill to learn.
  • With the crochet pattern designing and laser focus… It’ll free up more time for my wholesale accounts. This benefits me more than anything, but how cool would it be to see KBG stuff in your local shops?
  • Crochet pattern BOOKS… I have so many ideas after Monsters That Could Totally Eat You. SO MANY! (LONG TERM)
  • Spinning yarn for new crochet patterns and into crochet pattern kits (LONG TERM)

Click here to visit the KBG Patreon

What else would you, as a crocheter, want to see from Knot By Gran’ma (on and off Patreon)? Have you successfully used Patreon to help simplify your business? Share the links and let me know what you are looking for in the comments.

FYI: The finished Octopus Monster Puppet is for sale in my Knot By Gran’ma Etsy shop. Check it out, and remember that layaway is always available. Just drop me a note. He is beyond fun to play with.


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