It dawned on me that I have craft shows coming up. I knew I had them, but now I’m like, “Oh. That’s THIS Sunday?” Yes, it’s this Sunday, which means I have to start my show prep. It also means that I had to figure out a cool way to display my awesome puppets. I whipped up these cute (and easy and cheap) puppet stands. I have to get back to the store for supplies to make some more… maybe bigger bases for the larger puppets… but not before my show.

Puppets on puppet stands
Considering these puppet stands were once decorative blocks from Home Depot and a dowel… they look kind of awesome. The are perfect for the puppets.

We drilled a hole in the center (ish) of the squares. I say “we,” but it was Hubs and his power tools wielding skills that worked its magic. He cut the dowels down for me too. Technically I could have done that part. I do know how to use a hand saw. Anyway. After a little glue I got to start painting. The hardest part was finding this little nub of a paint brush. It’s one of the remaining originals from when I took art in high school. Yeah.

Painting puppet stands
We drilled some holes into the center of these little decorative squares and glued the dowel pieces inside before painting.

There was painting. I should have primed the wood with some white, but I didn’t think of it until I started with the black. Meh. It was quick though. By the time I finished a round of paint on all of them, I could start the next round. The paint dried really fast. It was nice to paint again. I always forget how much I miss being a painter until I get a little taste of it with these projects.

Painting puppet stands
BASICS acrylic paints are my all time favorite. I’ve been using them for the past 20 years with no complaints. This was a labor of love, with each stand taking 2-3 coats… probably because I didn’t prime them. The wood kept soaking up the paint!

If I had started and worked through, this would have taken an hour at the most to finish. It took me all day, because I kept walking away to do laundry and garden stuff in between coats. These puppet stands are just what I need to help my show display. It’ll be hard to miss them for sure. I love how the puppets look on them.

(I’m in no way affiliated with BASIC acrylic paints, by the way. I just love them.)

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