These are so awesome. I’ve been stuck for a few days, waiting for my print Grimeclaw crochet patterns to be finished. I figured I should work these hand and finger puppets out in the meanwhile. My other option was a dishcloth crochet pattern, and I just wasn’t feeling it. Probably because dishcloths equal cleaning, and I’m not too excited about cleaning in general. Eyeball monsters won. Did I mention that they were awesome? I love these. I’ve been spending the past week messing around, throwing impromptu lip sync puppet shows to whatever is playing off of my Spotify… in between the designing and computer work. So. Much. Fun!

Eyeball monster finger puppets
I can’t get enough of these little puppets. They’re so fun. Shop here.

The finger puppets were a happy accident. I was trying to figure out the way I would attach the mouths to the hand puppets. I feel like it was staring me in the face… which it kind of was, before I realized that I could just make these little finger puppets. Who doesn’t like finger puppets? They’re also a great lower price point for the KBG shop and craft shows. I’ve been working on figuring out items that I love making, while being kind of affordable. These finger puppets are perfect.

I also like how you can use one finger puppet… or fill up your hand when playing with these. I’m really not kidding on how much fun I had while making all of these puppets.

Eyeball monster hand puppet
This is the largest puppet. I made this one first and there were changes all over the place. I do like how there is more room between the eyeball section and the mouth. He’s definitely going to accommodate someone with larger hands. Shop here.
Eyeball Monster hand puppet
This is the standard size puppet. I think it’s my favorite. The added room in the monster face makes it more comfortable to get your hand inside and the distance from the eye and mouth is perfect. Hubs could get his hand in here, but it was tight. Shop here.

I made the larger hand puppets first. It was really important that I found a kind of one size fits most for these puppets. My little guy could play with these and Hubs got his giant hand in there… so he could play too. Kiddo said he liked how they have extra room in the face for the rest of his hand to curl up into. I thought it was weird at first, but he makes an excellent point.

The smaller puppet came out of thinking the extra room in the face of the hand puppets was weird. I got rid of the extra crochet work, but it really made the entire puppet smaller. These would be the good ones for smaller hands. Dr. Destructo said it was perfect, but the rest of us were still able to play with this puppet also. It’s just tighter on our hands. They take about the same amount of time to make, so I figure it’s probably better to keep both designs so I can accommodate more buyers.

Eyeball monster hand puppet
Dr. Destructo seemed to have the easiest time with this size monster puppet. I made the eyes and mouth closer together with less of the bulk in the face. He’s 7. Shop here.

For now I’m just making these as ready made puppets. I’ve added the crochet pattern and kit to the bottom of my list of crochet patterns & kits to get out to you all. They’ll eventually be available for crocheters to make their own puppets. I kind of want to make super detailed puppets, using these as the base… maybe that could be something that’s included in the crochet pattern and kit. We’ll see. There are many crochet patterns in line before this one.

Shop for Eyeball Monster Puppets here!

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Eyeball Monster Hand Puppets and Finger Puppets
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