I failed miserably at Snapchat, but I LOVE Instagram stories. Does that make me a bad person? Snapchat makes me feel old. It’s the first social media platform that I can’t easily master. Thus, the old feeling. It took me a week to figure out how to use it. All I do there is play with the selfie filters when nobody is looking, and then erase my pictures. Instagram is a little different. I know how to use it, which is cool. The new stories feature really opens up a little window into my world, without wrecking all of the hard work that’s been done. I’ve put a lot of effort into making a cohesive Knot By Gran’ma Instagram account. Maybe more time than I should, but whatever. I like Instagram. It works for my small business, and I (have said this a million times) love looking at all the amazing things that everyone else is doing.

Shawl crochet
I’ve been working on this shawl (It was supposed to be a cape, but I can’t wrap my head around the shape I need.) as a break from designing (Yeah, okay. This is a new design. There’s never a break from designing. I write everything down.)… while I’m finishing the non-creative parts of my next crochet pattern and kit.

But the new Instagram Stories! It’s awesome. Stories lets me post all of the photos that I take (You know, the ones that I used to post to my Instagram, before I “fixed” it.) as I go through the day. You don’t have to click on it, and it doesn’t clutter the KBG feed. Plus I can relax, and just take the stupid picture. I don’t have to worry about the lighting or background or whatever else I think of when taking Instagram photos. I’m sharing my moments as they are happening. Something about that really appeals to me.

Hand dyed roving
One of the quick fiber processing projects I started and finished this past week. It’s called Spooky Forest. One braid is going to a giveaway winner, one will go to my spinning wheel, and the third will end up in the shop. I can’t wait to see how it spins into yarn.

The best part is that it disappears after 24 hours. That’s the selling point for me. No matter how good/bad my stories are, I can start over tomorrow. It’s like reality internet… which is really refreshing now that I’ve figured out that most everyone only puts out their awesome stuff. That’s not how life works, but I do it too, and business, business, business… I get it. Stories lets you have the awesome business stuff AND the silly, funny, sad, not awesome, are you wearing Scooby Doo pajama pants, behind the scenes look at what’s really going on. The stuff that happens in between… if only for a day. I see myself messing around with stories for quite a bit.

Knot By Gran’ma on Instagram…

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