Man, this is an old design. It was originally published in January of 2009. Can you believe that? It’s been missing from the crochet pattern shop for a long time. There’s a push (from me) to update any old crochet patterns that I still love, and this one made the list. It’s been simplified and is back up in the shop(s). The skull square used to be one of my best sellers. I’m happy to have it back, but I really can’t wait to see what kind of cool skull stuff you all make out of it.

Skull pillow
I used some handspun yarn and made this killer little throw pillow. The square here turned out to be about 16″ X 16″ with a 14″ pillow insert.

This is not a crochet pattern. I repeat. THIS IS NOT A CROCHET PATTERN. It is a crochet graph (or chart). That’s it. There is no gauge, no supplies, no instructions on how to use it… no anything other than the graph. You can use it to make awesome skull things. Your should have the knowledge to use a graph before purchasing this skull square. You can crochet (or knit, or cross stitch) pillows, blankets, pot holders, incorporate it into a sweater… and probably a zillion other things that I can’t think of right now. Those corner to corner cluster blankets could be really amazing with this little chart. It’s up to you and your imaginations. I’m counting on you to keep it awesome. Yeah. Do it.

Skull square motif

The graph is a 50 square by 50 square design. You will get a square motif out of it… unless you tweak the top and bottom. That’s the fun thing about this design. It’s just the graph, leaving the cool design ideas up to whatever your brains are diggin’. I’m excited.

The skull graph is for sale on Ravelry and Etsy… or you can just click this link, and buy it right now through KBG. Do what makes you happy.

You can also share your finished skull projects here in my random link generator. Show me what you have created! I don’t care if it’s crochet, knit, or whatever… just as long as this design was somehow used.

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