Putting together these crochet kits is taking forever! Why didn’t anyone say, “Hey Jess. That’s a ton of work, and it’s going to take you forever.” At least then, I would have been prepared for all of this preparation and fixing and tweaking. I’m trying to think of people I know that put together crochet kits; the ones who could have warned me. I can think of a few, and they’re probably nodding their heads in agreement that this does indeed take forever.

In the kits’ defense, it will get better once I finish this first batch. The next bunch of eyeball kits will have the details already worked out, because I’m writing everything down in one place. All the designing and ordering and whatnot will be on a list that I can refer to, while simultaneously looking to see what the yardage was… which I also wrote down IN THE SAME PLACE so I can find it easily again. The next round should go by pretty quick. I’m thinking ahead and not allowing my disorganization to sabotage myself. It’s working.

Rainbow eyeball crochet kits
These eyeball kits are pretty sweet. This photo shows the easiest parts of putting some crochet kits together.

Never one to stick to one kind of sabotage, I’m working on this eyeball kit and the Grimeclaw kit at the same time. Mostly.

I have to make another Grimeclaw doll, because I needed to add some more how to photos for the pattern. The idea is to keep the pattern short and sweet (because printing is really expensive), and then any extra photos that will help you complete the pattern will get their own webpage. The gauge needed to be figured, along with more photos, and there’s just so much extra that is going into that page. It’s a lot of work that I didn’t figure on, but it has to be done so the pattern can be sent off for testing.

This all works out, because I’m mostly finished with the eyeball kits. I need to add a similar webpage for the kit (which means more pictures and extras and it’s going to be so worth it), pack everything up, and wait on my stickers. The stickers are the kits’ branding. The kit will be listed once it’s all together, but they are still on their way.

Thus, the mostly working on both kits at the same time… Each kit is going to be awesome. All this silliness and hard work will pay off, and everyone should be happy.

I’m living life along side of all of this crocheting and planning. The last adventure was a Father’s Day boat ride. Hubs took the kids in the rowboat fishing, and I kayaked alongside them. I managed about 3 minutes before I was out of there, exploring. The kids are scarier than me when it comes to casting their fishing rods, and Hubs seemed like he needed some alone time with them to full appreciate their love for him on Father’s Day. I got the more relaxing part of the outing, but that’s what he wanted to do. Who am I to argue?

Kayaking and nature
I don’t have a waterproof kayaking phone bag yet, so it was a little nerve wracking each time I leaned over to take a picture. I managed to not drop my phone or flip the kayak, so this adventure counts as a win.

The shift that I’ve been pushing away from being stuck online has been wonderful for everyone in the KBG family. We’re less stressed, more together, and making sure to stop and enjoy our lives… and each other. The world has turned into a (more) scary place, so it’s been really important that work/creating/stress isn’t what the kids remember. It’s going to be difficult enough for them when they are adults. In the meantime, it’s our job to make sure they’re happy and enjoying being kids, while learning how to be great adults. The balance all this creates has been wonderful.


P.S. – Smooches to Hubs… Happy anniversary. Here’s to another 14 years!

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