Visions of Dee Snider and Poison started jumping to mind when I started balling this yarn for the first time. Memories back when MTV played mostly music videos and Beavis and Butthead’s “washing the dog” had me smiling. The yarn brought me back to before high school, back to glam rock, back to the days when I wanted to be a biker chick, and back to when I didn’t really have a care in the world… this yarn is awesome. And yes. This is also probably the sappiest opening paragraph for a blog post that I have ever written.

Hand dyed yarn: Hey, Donna is Pretty Awesome | Knot By Gran'ma
The original name for this colorway was “Donna Can Kick Your Ass.” I noticed that I was starting to ignore that and started calling it Hey, Donna! without thinking. Hey, Donna! it became.
Hand dyed yarn: Hey, Donna is Pretty Awesome | Knot By Gran'ma
Of the 3 colorways I did this past month, the Hey, Donna! is my favorite. Try not to hum along to Grease Lightning with this one. I dare you.

I was going to knit and crochet up some swatches, like I had with the last 2 colorways. I went back to bed instead. I’m getting to it. It’ll be another few days. For now I have a skein of this balled, it’s being worked up into a monster, and another skein is getting assembled as the kit yarn for that monster. If they’re awesome (They will be. I’m psyched), I’ll be dyeing up some more and stocking the kits in quantity.

There are four hanks of of Hey, Donna! available. Each contains 110 yards of Peruvian Highland Wool. The base is Cascade 220, and it’s my favorite yarn with which to work (See what I did there, English majors?). You can find them here.

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Hey, Donna! is Pretty Awesome
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