I sometimes have difficulties getting through books that are about how to do… something, anything, not fiction. They can be hard to understand, or boring, or I have to go back every paragraph and reread it because I just forgot what I read. It’s more work instead of reading because reading is awesome. Then I can’t wait to finish, because I’d rather read the pile of books that we just picked up from the library. It’s not fun.

Sometimes. This was a different experience all together.

When “The Art of Work” came out, I read all the tweets about how great the book was. People were just loving everything about this book. I did what I usually do; marked the book to read, and went on my merry way. I didn’t think about this book again until it popped up again on Twitter. This time it was to buy the book for like $3. I did what I always do when a book pops up for a second time; bought the book without even thinking about it. I still didn’t read it though. I requested the book from the library, because APPARENTLY I need a book in my hands to read a book. There is so much struggle with e-books and apps and… just give me a book.

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Babycakes (my hyperthyroid cat, it turns out) napping on “The Art of Work”

Then I read the book. I didn’t breeze through it in a day. I took my time… and didn’t hate it. The more I read, the more I liked what I was reading. I wasn’t looking forward to finishing the book. I was able to focus on the words, and it was lovely. I did have to go back and reread a few paragraphs. That wasn’t because the book was hard to read. It’s because I have 2 boys, and they operate on volume 11. Sometimes I can’t hear myself think. So, yes I had to go back a few times. Totally worth it.

I read this at the perfect time. I do this thing, where I’m not satisfied with what I’m doing, because it wasn’t as successful as it was when I thought about it. I usually do this before I give it a chance to pan out. Then I change the plan… and it’s annoying and slows me down. It’s like I want to purposefully sabotage myself, but then I don’t and I have to stop myself. It’s exhausting. I swear. Anyway, I needed to read this book.

There are a few things that I completely loved about, “The Art of Work.”

  • This is not a how-to-succeed-step-by-step book. Yeah. I’m done with anything that supposedly has all the answers on how to succeed by whatever steps that person is dishing out. No one knows what’s going to work for me. I’m still mystified that I signed up for a sale a day in 30 days (free) program. It ended up being a regurgitation of everything I was already doing. This book is not that, and it’s awesome.
  • Nothing in this book promised me that I could get rich quick. This is cool, because rich doesn’t equal happy.
  • I want to be happy doing the work that I am meant to do. It’s not really about fame, and being known, and all the things that go with what comes to mind immediately. I love that Jeff’s book reverberates this message. YES.
  • This is a reality based how to book that is meant to help you find your calling; so you can live a meaningful life. It’s refreshing, and I really appreciate the honesty found between the covers.

So sometimes you end of doing things different from how you originally planned. It’s okay. Stories of how people came to find what they were meant to do, and the paths that led them to where they ended up were inspirational.. and not in the cheesy way that comes to mind. There’s no kitten hanging from a tree branch on a poster here. There’s permission to fail, and to do more than one thing, and it’s okay to doubt, and… it was like having a conversation. My end of the conversation was happening in my head as I was reading. Jeff’s writing is really easy to read and hold onto.

Go read this book. It’s frickin’ good.

Full disclaimer: I have not received any compensation or incentive for my review. I honestly enjoyed this book. If I hadn’t liked it, I wouldn’t have written a review.  I don’t know Jeff Goins. One time he retweeted the picture (above) that I took of my cat sleeping on “The Art of Work” before I returned it to the library. That was cool.

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{KBG Review} The Art of Work by Jeff Goins
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