I like to draw monsters, along with crocheting them. I have sketchbook upon sketchbook filled with all sorts of different types of monsters. My notebooks in school (so, so long ago) were filled with little monster dude sketches. I want to share my love of drawing monsters with all of you. Today we are going to learn how to draw a quick little spiky monster.

{Maker Tutorial} How to Draw a Spiky Monster | Knot By Gran'm Blog

The materials needed for this little drawing tutorial are:

  • pencil
  • sharpener
  • eraser
  • drawing paper
  • ballpoint pen (optional)
  • colored pencils (optional)

Stat the drawing with your sharpened pencil. Step one: draw a circle for the eyeball. Then draw a little half circle to the right of it. This is the second eyeball peeking out from the side. Add the lines for the eyelids. Step two: draw the lines that form the lip first. Add the line that forms the inside of your monster’s mouth next. Step three: draw your monster’s teeth. You can erase your overlap lines now or wait until the optional pen step later on. Step four: draw the spiky monster body. Keep in mind the monster’s head and body shape here. Step five: Add in the hand first, then followed by the fingernails. Draw your monster some eyeballs.

{Maker Tutorial} How to Draw a Spiky Monster | Knot By Gran'm Blog
Steps one through five get you an almost completed monster. He gets better though. Also… it’s amazing that after all of these years, I still have no clue how to properly work my scanner. Sorry for the extra lines. 

Step six: draw your monster some feet and then follow up with some toenails. Make them extra sharp. Step seven: here’s where we add the monster horns. Draw the horns first and then add the stripes if you want. Make sure they match up!

{Maker Tutorial} How to Draw a Spiky Monster | Knot By Gran'm Blog
It’s so cool how little details like some horns can add so much personality to a simple little drawing.

Technically you have drawn your spiky monster. This next part is optional. I like to go over my lines with pen (or an ink source of some type). Then, after letting the ink settle, I erase all of my pencil lines. I’ve always done this, but it’s more of a personal kind of drawing preference. You can color your dude in right after you draw him, or hit him with some ink first. It’s up to you. There are no wrong steps in art.

{Maker Tutorial} How to Draw a Spiky Monster | Knot By Gran'm Blog
Color in that monster! My colored pencils probably could have been sharpened a little more. I darkened the tips of his spikes to make his monster body a little more 3 dimensional looking.

I hope you enjoyed drawing this monster. Now that you’ve drawn him, are you hooked? Do you want to see more little drawing tutorials like this? Where are you going to put your new monster art? Dr. Destructo will most likely snag my originals and learn how to draw this guy himself. I would bet money on it.

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{Maker Tutorial} How to Draw a Spiky Monster
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