Not too long ago, Etsy announced that we are getting new shop designs. Can I just say, I am psyched! Knot By Gran’ma has been a shop on Etsy since that first year they launched Etsy. Yeah. That was a looooong time ago, and I’ve watched (and moaned over) the changes as they have been rolled out. Let me tell you how much better Etsy is now. It’s so much better. This shop design is finally going to allow us to customize our shops to match our brand, move things around the way we want them, and really just streamline the entire thing.

You Can Rock the New Shop Setup on Etsy | Knot By Gran'ma

Here is a quick rundown, so you can start rockin’ your new shop design on Etsy. You can do it!

  • Click EDIT NEW SHOP. This is found in the YOUR SHOP menu at the top. This takes you to where you can edit your shop.
You Can Rock the New Shop Setup on Etsy | Knot By Gran'ma
That blue box is what you’re looking for to edit your new shop design.
  • Next let’s add that banner… or as Etsy calls it, the branding option. You have a choice between no banner, a small banner that only shows up on desktops (760 px by 100 px), and then a larger banner which is mobile compatible. Pick which one you want. I chose the larger, mobile friendly banner. People shop from their phones and tablets, and I want them to see my branding (a.k.a. shop banner). If you choose this one, make sure your banner is at least 1200 px by 300 px. I kept mine that size. It’s big! I use picmonkey to make all my banners. You’ll notice that my banners are the same across the website, Etsy shop (once it’s released), Twitter, Facebook, and my newsletter. KBG looks all the same EVERYWHERE. This is branding for your business.
  • The shop title should tell what you’re selling in your shop. Mine reads, “Awesome crochet patterns, butts, & monster art dolls.” You know what you’re getting into when you enter my shop. Plus this is what shows up in Google search results. That’s why it’s what I’m selling and not my KBG tagline.
  • Add your location. It helps when people are shopping local. It makes a big difference. Add your town. Do it.
  • Your shop announcement should be next. Write a nice little paragraph about your shop. Make sure to add any important announcements. I’ve also included a link to my blog and newsletter signup link. This is your little area to shine. I hate mine and have to rewrite it.
  • You can rearrange your shop. This is my last step. This is totally optional. I’m going to mix up my patterns with my monsters… and then add the butts and yarn at the end.
  • Fill out your ABOUT page… if you have a video, add it. Put in the 5 photos. Make sure you’re writing about your business in depth here. Your job is to write about how and why your business is great for buyers. Here’s where everyone can get the most information on your page. This is a wonderful little area that Etsy has supplied for sellers, and we need to be making the most out of it.
  • Next fill in all of your web links. Fill out all of your social media and website/blog information. This is advertising for all of your spots. DOOOOOOO IT!
  • Fill in your shop members. Make sure to talk about yourself (and each member if you have more than one) here. This is where your personal note of “I want to be a farmer when I grow up” could go. (Don’t use that one. That’s mine.)
  • Finally your shop policies need to be filled out. Make sure they are clear. Make sure they are the same as on your website. Etsy has put some simplified policies in place for you to use. Use them! This is the important information that your buyers need to know about HOW you are running your business.

The new shops come out on April 5, 2016. I’ll have a link to my finished shop once the 5th arrives, so you can see more of what I’m talking about. It’s coming up faster than you think! With a little hard work, you can make your new Etsy shop design awesome, and start rockin’ those sales. What do you think about the new design? Have you had a chance to mess around with yours yet?

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You Can Rock the New Shop Setup on Etsy
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