Maybe the skull graph was the first intarsia crochet that I ever did. It was definitely the first design that I put on a graph, and the only one that was sold as a pattern. It’s very old, and it’s very awesome. I’m redoing the entire thing and re-releasing the pattern… including the graph and instructions on how to make a 12 X 12 pillow and some talk about the different ways the graph can be used (including for knitters, weavers, and bead slingers).

Crochet skull: {Behind the Scenes} Sixteen – A Skull Graph in Handspun | Knot By Gran'am Blog
The original crochet skull square. *EDIT – The pattern is available here.

I’m not sure what happened to this pattern. I used to have it up in my shop, then suddenly it wasn’t there anymore. I didn’t even notice. Fast forward to a few months ago… I found the original skull while cleaning out my craft room (cough*closet*cough). It made its way upstairs with me and that was the beginning. I have a giant bag of natural brown Romney fiber that I bought last fall, and I thought that would be just perfect for the skull. I also picked up some natural white Leicester roving, that once I dyed it sky blue became the official background for the skull. I have a thing for brown and blue together. I also need a cool, handspun, skull pillow for my bed. Win. Win.

Graph crochet: {Behind the Scenes} Sixteen – A Skull Graph in Handspun | Knot By Gran'am Blog
My favorite part is when I get to the color changes. Look at those eyes!

The first step was to prepare and spin up the yarn. I ended up with I don’t know how many yards (I wrote it down somewhere) of the Romney and 148 yards of the Leicester. I’m not sure if it’s going to be enough to also do the back of the pillow (just a plain 50 sc X 50 sc square with a flap for buttons), so I may have to spin up some more yarn… either just the brown Romney or maybe a blend of both. It’s all going to depend on how I’m feeling when I get there.

Fair Isle crochet skull: {Behind the Scenes} Sixteen – A Skull Graph in Handspun | Knot By Gran'am Blog
You can see how the new square will turn out. *EDIT – The pattern is available here.

This pillow is crocheted in fair isle style. I did the first one in intarsia crochet (except for the teeth), but I want an accurate amount of yarn used, so that if I start making kits for these, I’ll know how much yarn is needed. (Yes. There’s lots of talk about kits lately. I’m working up to having them, my patterns, and my finished monsters be the meat and potatoes of KBG. I’m tired of making cat butts and monster ornaments, but they’ll be around for at least this year.) I also won’t have to worry about the crocheter using fair isle, intarsia, or tapestry methods and then running out of yarn, because I didn’t take into account the different ways to crochet the graph.

Fair Isle crochet: {Behind the Scenes} Sixteen – A Skull Graph in Handspun | Knot By Gran'am Blog
Fair Isle crochet leaves these strands in the back of the work, and is worked with the 2 balls of yarn… it eats yarn like it’s its job.

I’m excited to finish up the crochet skull. Once I got to the color change, it reminded me how much I enjoy crocheting off of a graph. Something about color changes gets my hook moving faster. I want to get the pattern back out to everyone. How do you think you’d crochet this graph? What would you make? Would you play with different yarns and hooks to get different sizes of skull motifs?

*EDIT – The pattern is available here.


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{Behind the Scenes} Sixteen – A Skull Graph in Handspun
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