I would like to introduce you to this monster, Grimeclaw. He is exactly the kind of monsters I want to be making. He’s full of fangs, and creepy little hands, and tentacles. He can see really well too, because he has three eyes… almost 360 degrees around. He slithers about looking for his next meal, which he gores before swallowing whole. Grimeclaw is a badass little monster. Don’t put your fingers too close. You might lose one.

Grimeclaw Monster, the Art Doll | Knot By Gran'ma
Grimeclaw Monster, the Art Doll

This crocheted monster doll is the style of drawings that I used to do when I was a hardcore sketcher. I say hardcore, because I only used pen to sketch and shade, adding in colored pencils (maybe) at the end. I didn’t make mistakes (I did. All the time.), because that’s not what hardcore artists are all about. It took me a long time to get my crochet work to match my art style. I’M THRILLED that I was able to let go of whatever was holding me back and find my style in fiber.

Grimeclaw Monster, the Art Doll | Knot By Gran'ma
His little arms manage to hold up his body, but aren’t useful for much else.

Grimeclaw was crocheted in a few pieces. The pattern (coming soon) starts off with his mouth, and works up into his body, then tentacles. The tentacles’ inside and suction cups were done later with thread, as were his lip, eyes, and teeth. Grimeclaw’s little, tiny, itty bitty arms start with thread and then jump to the worsted weight yarn. His eyelids finish off the entire doll. The hardest part about making this doll is all the hand stitching (maybe because I LOATHE that part) that needs to be done to put him together. All of the crochet work is simple single crochet stitches, with increases and decreases… sometimes working in rows; other times working in the round. He’s free standing and just awesome.

Grimeclaw Monster, the Art Doll | Knot By Gran'ma
I really think his teeth are my favorite part of this entire monster. They are exactly how I pictured them.

This guy is currently in the shop and available. I’m offering him for retail and wholesale purchases. He is a completely one of a kind, collectible. The pattern is being worked up, tested, and tweaked. I was thinking this would be a really, really cool crochet kit sometime in the future. Maybe I can get these kit ideas up for the holidays. It’s all going to depend on the pattern rewrites that are coming.

So what do you think? Is Grimeclaw your kind of guy? A little scary? A little fun? I can’t wait to have the pattern together so I can start seeing new versions of him. I even have a yarn that I spun out of raw merino, waiting to turn into another Grimeclaw.

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Grimeclaw Monster, the Art Doll
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