When I think of my happy place, immediately I think of crochet. There’s always crocheting involved in my happy place. I could be on a beach, hiking, snuggled on my couch (all happy places by the way), and it’s always there in my thoughts. Crochet is one of those things that I think about when I wake up, through the day, and as I’m drifting off to sleep. Some might see that as bizarre and maybe borderline unhealthy, but it’s my passion… and that’s how passions work. Plus I get my other stuff done, so it’s healthy. Reading on the other hand… I’ve been known to read, all wrapped up in a book, and forget to feed my family. Maybe more than once. THAT’s a real problem, not crochet.

Ten Ways Crochet Makes the World a Better Place | Knot By Gran'ma Blog

I’ve been doing this crochet online thing for oh so many years. Between that and the craft/art shows, I’ve noticed that crochet really has a way to make people react. I’ve seen beautiful crochet, functional crochet, hideous crochet, crochet that makes you ponder the meaning of life, and everything in between. It gets an emotion out of me. Every time. Crochet is everywhere, and people are cranking out those stitches. I think it’s a beautiful thing that really does affect people, whether good or bad. Today I think we should focus on the good. Here are 10 ways crochet makes the world a better place.

  1. Stress relief. It makes us stop acting like the world will end if you are not busy 24 hours a day. We get it. Life is crazy. Life is busy. It feels like we have forgotten how to rest and recharge for the next day. Crocheting is wonderful for this. You have to stop and focus. The rhythm of the stitches is calming… almost like therapeutic breathing. There’s a satisfaction in making something with our hands. We can let our minds stop worrying or turning over what’s going on in our lives. There’s just the crochet work. All of these are wonderful for stress relief. *Note: None of the above may be true if you are a knitter turned crocheter… for at least the first month.*
  2. Charity crochet. Making items for other people is an awesome thing to do… making those items for those in need is just amazing. People are kind. It’s important we don’t forget about that, or the fact that people need a little bit of faith in humanity sometimes. Whether you are crocheting hats for preemies, blankets for the homeless, or whatever the project may be, charity crochet makes humanity better.
  3. Building community. In the age of the internet, community is much easier than it used to be in the past. Crocheters have resources like Etsy, Ravelry, and more to get together to “meet” each other over the simple fact that they crochet. Crochet blogs are wonderful ways to connect to other crocheters and see what every one is up to in the world of crocheting. There are crochet guilds and groups that bring people together in real life. The crochet community is certainly a wonderful place.
  4. Stimulates the economy. This is a no brainer. Crocheters are hoarders of yarn and will purchase it even when they don’t need it. Yarn and supply sales are great for the economy. They allow small indie businesses to pop up and prosper. How many independent designers make their living (or at least a part of it) off of selling their original crochet patterns. Think of all the money that exchanges hands when it comes to crochet.
  5. Crochet programs to help inmates. Did you know there are programs that help inmates through crochet? The previously talked about therapeutic value is only one pro. There’s also the feeling that inmates, who may have made some wrong choices in life, can still contribute to society through charity crochet or crochet for their families. It’s a way to keep inmates who may struggle with the idleness of confinement busy, which may lead to less conflict.
  6. Promotes recycling. Yarn made out of plastic bags or recycled newspaper is a thing. People are crocheting with these types of supplies to make household items, bathing suits, sculptures, and more. Imagine what could be if all crocheters made one item out of recycled materials a year. Imagine how much less waste we could save from the landfills and how much better the world would be.
  7. Sets records. This one is so cool. The interesting things people do with crochet is really just mind blowing. There’s a record for the longest crochet chain made while running a marathon (why not?), the largest crocheted blanket (which eventually made its way to charity), largest display of crocheted Christmas decorations, the largest granny square, the largest crochet hook… the list goes on.
  8. Allows for teaching and learning. Crochet is a craft that has been passed down for generations. While it no longer has a place in necessity, thanks to modern conveniences, crochet is still a popular art to learn. People willing to teach their skills to beginners are a crucial part in keeping the art of crochet alive.
  9. Helps with loneliness. Crochet is a great outlet for people who are homebound, maybe due to illness or family commitments. Bonding online or having someone come over to just spend some time together crocheting is a great tool in the battle of loneliness.
  10. Makes people smile. How many times have you seen an amazing piece of crochet work that just made you smile? I think this is my favorite part of crocheting. Crocheters are no longer making simple items for their homes, but expanding the artform to create stunning pieces of art and clothing. Daily, there is something I see from another crocheter that brings a smile to my face. I wonder if this is the real reason that we all crochet and share our work? Bringing happiness to others is so rewarding.

Can you think of any other ways crochet makes the world a  better place? How does crochet impact your life?

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Ten Ways Crochet Makes the World a Better Place
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