Scene: I’m in my porch, wrangling a large piece of paper, trying to find the right “white” light from the cloudy day that has been my reality for the past week. Then there’s picture editing for hours and lots of cursing. Crochet work needs to be photographed nicely. Pattern pictures need to be uniform and clear. Cats are not allowed on the paper, but sneak little bites in it when I’m not looking. Their bites leave little holes that show up in every picture, because they strategically figured out how to ruin every picture.

This was all very stressful. This was also my reality for a long time. I had an epiphany. They make light boxes that you can buy, in a store, and this should solve the problem of lighting for my little crochet business. Minimal editing and no cursing is the plan.

Light Box Upgrade | Knot By Gran'ma Blog
Light box setup. It’s so dark in the basement here… I can’t believe how well the photos come out with the upgrade.

I looked online for a while and ended up with this setup. It’s 30 X 30 and probably bigger than what I need. I don’t mind. After some practicing and finagling, I think I’ve gotten the hang of it. It came with the different colored backgrounds (I’m only using white) and both lights with the bulbs too. My biggest complaint is I can’t figure out how to close it up and the backgrounds get wrinkled by looking at them. For under $50, I think I can live with those kinds of “issues”.

The issue that I was having was photograph uniformity. As in, why can’t I get any uniformity in my photographs? This lightbox is solving that problem. From here on out all of my pictures can look the same… even my work in progress and Instagram shots. I’m trying to keep the branding aspect of this in mind, and photographs are an integral part of that. It needs to look like Knot By Gran’ma took all of the Knot By Gran’ma pictures. I think my pictures were nice before, but I was at the mercy of the weather (and cats), and my photos didn’t (and still don’t because I haven’t fixed them all yet) all look the same. I think this is really important. How can I publish awesome crochet patterns if they all have a different look to them (And yes. I will be going back and editing my patterns… eventually.)? This will really come in handy when I get my act together to get on that self published book. I’m not going to do it if it doesn’t look right. There’s too much work involved to have bad photos that look like 8 different people took them.

Monster doll: Light Box Upgrade | Knot By Gran'ma Blog
Taken in the new light box… This is the monster that was originally going into my Monsters That Could Totally Eat You book. I think I’ll finish it up and release it as a single pattern for now.

So what do you think? How do you keep your lighting and photographs uniform? Do you think that as a business, this is something to worry about (Don’t answer that one. It is, especially if you sell online)?

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Light Box Upgrade
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