As a crochet designer and doll maker, I think the most difficult part of my work is describing it in a way that will convince people to buy my patterns and pieces. I tend to have the descriptive word arsenal of a twelve year old boy; awesome, cool, great, amazing… sometimes swell. None of these words are helping me to tell the story as to why my buyers need to purchase my latest crochet pattern or monster art doll. Instead, my descriptions read like robotic instructions and aren’t appealing to anyone. Even robots wouldn’t make a purchase from me based off of my product descriptions. ROBOTS! Who would have thought that writing a product description would be my Achilles’s heel? Go figure.

Great white shark crochet pattern: Getting Better at Writing Product Descriptions | Knot By Gran'ma Blog
*Actual product description for this crochet pattern* Shark Hat Crochet Pattern, Earflap Hat Crochet Pattern, Great White Shark Pattern, Crocheting, Digital Download CROCHET PATTERN ONLY to make your very own Great White Shark Hat. This is a one size fits most hat. Skill Level: Adventurous beginner through advanced stitcher Materials: Size E/4 (3.5 mm) crochet hook Worsted weight yarn in blue (@ 300 yds.), white (200 yds), black scraps, and pink scraps Fiberfill Tapestry needle © Knot By Gran’ma – You have permission to use Knot By Gran’ma patterns for commercial use. You can download your pattern as a digital file once payment clears. All patterns are non-refundable. *Blah, blah, blah…robot and not at all interesting or convincing.*

I’m assuming (which might bite me in the butt) that the best way to get better at writing product descriptions is to write more product descriptions. I could probably keep myself busy for almost a year if I rewrote a new description every day. Practice makes most difficult tasks easier, and I’m going to approach it with that in mind. A few ideas have popped into my head on how to write (aside from practicing) better product descriptions.

  • Figure out who the people are that should be reading your descriptions. My crochet patterns are going to attract crocheters, so I’m going to write for crocheters. My dolls are mainly for collectors, so I have to write those pieces’ descriptions for those kinds of people. Seems kind of easy, but maybe it’s a little harder than I’m letting on.
  • Write about how the product is going to make that particular person feel. Want to feel like the coolest (there’s that word again… thus the practicing) crocheter on your street? I need to find a way to describe my patterns so that’s the feeling you get when you read about it. Want to score a one of a kind monster that will add to the value of your doll collection? I have to write in a way that will convince you that purchasing that doll will do just that. Emotions are powerful and maybe its time I figure out how to harness their power. (I feel like there should be some maniacal laughing here.)
  • Don’t be afraid to mess up. I’m sitting here with robotic product descriptions already. I’m only going to make them better, or nothing will happen. There’s not too much to worry about at this point. I’m just going to keep writing them until my stats, views, sales, etc… go up. Then I’ll try to duplicate it with the next description. This probably will take a little bit (thus more practicing), and I’ll probably bomb pretty horribly more than once. It’s okay.
  • Write more product descriptions. Keep trying to do a better job than the last time I wrote a product description. Practice makes perfect is the saying. I’m going to see if it’s true.

I’m hoping that practicing and not fearing a little failure will allow me to find my selling voice. The adolescent boy voice is “cool”, but I think I’d rather be a little more confident in my selling abilities. Something like product descriptions might not seem like a big deal when you are selling your items online, but I think it’s what will ultimately result in a sale… or not. And right now, I’m definitely NOT.

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Getting Better at Writing Product Descriptions
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