I freaked out a little yesterday. I took my grand (and organized) plan for the year and realized it wasn’t what I wanted to be doing. It was close, but there were bits missing. There was no way I was going to follow through and be happy with what I had planned. Yup. Everything I’ve been planning and working on for the year is pretty much changing somehow. Apparently I was overthinking everything and creating stress by way of some crazy strict schedules that I set for myself. Yeah, no.

So I started immediately on the new plan (which is similar to the old plan, but better). There’s an order of undyed yarn on its way to my house, along with 2 dyeing trays. The new plan (Stan) is going to fulfill all of the pieces of me that need to have an outlet creatively. I really want to work smarter and kind of love what I’m doing all of the time. I need the creative part of my life only to bring me joy. I’m tired of waiting around for the “right moment” to do something. An anvil could fall on me tomorrow. I should remember to do the things that make me happy all of the time. Enjoy the process and not worry about the outcome.

Green monster art doll: I Swear, I'm My Own Worst Enemy | Knot By Gran'ma Blog
My Green Monster is looking just about ready to become a real doll…

I found this poor, unfinished monster doll when I brought the bookshelf up into my bedroom (which totally mad my room more awesome). I’m going to finish her. She was going to be a crochet pattern, but I think I will leave her without it. My heart isn’t into it, and I think I lost the pattern for her dress. I probably wrote it down on a scrap of paper, and it’s probably long gone now. This is a part of the new plan.

Skull graph crochet: I Swear, I'm My Own Worst Enemy | Knot By Gran'ma Blog
I’m so happy that I found this. Now just to dig up the old graph. I might even have the original somewhere!

Look at my skull square (also found during the great bookshelf move)! I’m psyched. This is an old crochet graph that I designed when I used to do a lot of intarsia crochet. It used to be one of my best sellers. I haven’t had it available in the shop for years. Maybe it’s time to revamp the pattern and make a full pillow out of some lovely handspun yarn. I’d love this on my bed… also part of the new plan.

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