2015 was the year of feeling behind, frazzled, and not in control of anything as far as my personal life goes. I am happy to see it go hoping for a better feeling 2016. The holidays flew by in a whirl of crochet chaos, pattern writing, food cooking, crying over the stress of eating at other peoples’ houses, and too many gifts. But I made it. I’m still smiling, albeit a bit more twitchy than I started the year, and have a game plan for next year brewing.

The Holidays Can Be Torture so Happy New Year | Knot By Gran'ma Blog
This is supposed to be a drawing of me, but APPARENTLY I have no idea what I look like. Awesome.

Here is a quick review of my favorite creative creations this year. It finally clicked that I have ultimate control over this little business. I figured out what I want to do when I grown up, and the steps to making the dream come true is a little closer every day.

My Thoughts on Why Competition Might be Crap | Knot By Gran'ma Blog

Great White Shark Hat in action: The Great White Shark Hat is Finished and You Can Crochet Your Own | Knot By Gran'ma Blog

So here’s to 2016. Hug those you love close to you. Tell them you love them. Do what’s best for you and not what’s great for everyone else. Let’s think about treating everyone the same way that we’d like to be treated. Life is too short to do otherwise. I’ll be hugging more trees and making sure my family is happy and healthy to the best of my ability. There’s amazing things in store for Knot By Gran’ma in the upcoming year. I hope you stop by to be part of it. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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The Holidays Can Be Torture so Happy New Year
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