Did I ever tell you the story about how Agamemnon came to live at our house? No? Well, shoot. It’s a little weird and maybe heartwarming… and worth putting it out there for your enjoyment. This was the first (and hopefully last) time a crochet project inspired the idea of a new best friend. A super fun project turned a little pug into the love of my kids’ (and ours too) lives. It’s pretty amazing.

Once upon a time, in a… oh wait. That’s the wrong story. I have Star Wars on the brain… just that whole Force Awakening thing. I’ll be fine. Really.

So once upon a time, Knot By Gran’ma only crocheted cat butts. This was a one species household as far as crocheting butts goes. The cat butts were killing online. I sold like 10 a day, and it was awesome. It was also completely overwhelming, because I didn’t have them all made up. Then someone went ahead and did it. They asked if I could possibly make a pug butt. Sure. What could possibly happen?

That was the beginning of the end. I started to research pugs and their butts. Do you know what pops up when you googlepug butts“? You get pug butts… and a few weird pictures thrown in for good measure. After all, this is the internet. Once you look past the little pug butts and actually at the pugs, you can get into trouble here. They. Are. Adorable. Mostly (in a so ugly you’re cute sort of way).

Keychain: Pug Butts and Agamemnon, a Love Story | Knot By Gran'ma Blog
Available as keychains or ornaments in the shop.

Apparently you can fall in love with a breed of dog if you are looking at their butts on the Internet. I know. It happened to me. It took a few weeks to get the design right. I really still don’t know how I even started to figure out the math here. It works though. All the time of crocheting the butts and researching and looking at adorable pug photos had me hooked. We were getting a pug. We were getting a pug after I researched the breed and found it’s a perfect fit for our family. Plus, I had this sweet new design that would be joining the cat butts. Woot.

Pug Butts and Agamemnon, a Love Story |Knot By Gran'ma Blog
Octopugs!!! I suck at drawing things that look like they are supposed to. Apparently realism isn’t a strong point. The good news is, it allows me to mess around more and draw cool things, like Octopugs.

Basically from there, it was a matter of finding the right pug. We looked into adoption, but due to the facts that we had little people (at the time), were 1st time dog owners, and knew that pugs could have medical problems, it didn’t work out. I found a lady who shows pugs for a living, and she just happened to have our little Aggie available. I went through what seemed to be an endless background, pet, life check and we got our Agamemnon (I named him, because… The Odyssey. Thank you, Mr. DiFabbio.). Life is good in pug land.

Pug Butts and Agamemnon, a Love Story | Knot By Gran'ma Blog
This is pretty much how Aggie spends his day, just lounging. Although, he seems to hate The Blues and barks at the air while backing up in circles (weird) whenever it comes on the radio.

Mr. Agamemnon lives the life. He gets to lay around all day, chase Nina (my jerk cat), hang with bunnies, sneak treats, get tummy scratches… you know, all the things a dog likes to do. He’s breathing better than ever thanks to his surgery, and life is good all around.

And THAT is how Agamemnon came to become our pet pug. The end.

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Pug Butts and Agamemnon, a Love Story
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