I had high hopes of having original art available for sale by now. I bought the ACEO cards and plastic sleeves and made “THE BEST PLAN.” In reality, I have been slacking. Excuses have been made for not drawing. You could probably get at least 7 reason why I wasn’t (or COULDN’T) drawing something every day. Those are all big lies. Drawing is something that makes me happy. I can find time to do it. No more lies. It’s one of the few positives that came out of a (very recent) bad situation. It’ll be in the book, so keep that in mind if you are curious.

There Was Drawing and It Was Fabulous| Knot By Gran'ma Blog

My colored pencils have moved into our living area. They are pretty enough to stay out. The jar isn’t very nice, but once I clean it up, it’ll be just fine. My colored pencils and paper should have been out in plain view and ready to use. They weren’t. They were in my basement “craft room” (really an over glorified closet), where I couldn’t see them. I love to draw and not doing it, is causing a little bit of guilt over it.

Colored pencil ACEO drawing: There Was Drawing and It Was Fabulous | Knot By Gran'ma Blog
She’s a little bit scary and a whole lot of awesome. “A Fabulous Dental Candidate” – Colored pencil on ACEO paper by Jess Schleicher. CLICK HERE TO BUY HER.

I sketched this out earlier this week. I’ve been using a new kind of technique with my outline color… mainly that it’s a color and not a black line. This is a big departure from my comfort zone, but I do love the finished picture. Anyway. She’s so fun. She’s in my shop, is my first EVER official piece of art that I drew, and is for sale. This is kind of a gigantic milestone for me.


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There Was Drawing and It Was Fabulous
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