This is the first week that my children have not had camp since the summer started. I am attempting to work around them. So far, EVERYTHING has been affected. Ha. The blog posts are a little off and my crochet time consists of staying up to late or getting up too early to work. Whatever. It’s more important to have fun with them than to be stuck to a schedule that only works when they are at camp or school… which led to a water park day, a county fair day, AND (because I’m a glutton for punishment) a beach day.

Eyeballs and chapstick holders: Behind the Scenes {Three} | Knot By Gran'ma Blg
Getting there… all the ends need to be weaved in and the eyeballs & buttons still need sewing.

Apparently I’m back into doing shows full blast. I have a show for each month through December this year. It’s kind of awesome. In keeping with the be an adult and don’t do everything at the last minute theme, I’m making a little bit every week to keep up with the fact that I’ll need inventory for these shows (which I won’t have to even do if they start selling like hotcakes online cough*hint*cough).

Monster puppet wip: Behind the Scenes {Three} | Knot By Gran'ma Blg
He looks like a melted duck. This monster puppet is waiting for teeth, lips, and an awesome hairdo.

I’m also crocheting up my favorite crochet patterns, so I’ll have the finished items up for sale. I’m starting with this puppet guy, and will be starting a Roasted Turkey Doll next. They’re going to stray a little from the patterns… I like to keep it interesting.

The blog has taken the hardest hit, but I’m working on it. I like to write and just have to figure out where to get the time for that consistently. I’ll find it. I’d rather create something most days, than stress over finding more computer time.

What are you working on this week?


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Behind the Scenes {Three}
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