This was a great little project. I’m happy to have a new free crochet pattern available, and designing it slowly as a crochet-a-long was a treat. It’s like I ended up with this neat pattern, while feeling like I didn’t really do that much work to get it. Once this week’s work is through, you’ll have your very own Knotty Knucklehead. These are very huggable monster dolls, and I will be adding this original (along with cool variations) to the shop.

I know it seems like we’re finishing, and we are. Start from the beginning and catch up to make your own Knotty Knucklehead. This is an ongoing crochet-a-long. Click here to go to the beginning of the Knotty Knucklehead Crochet-As-I-Design-Along.

{Crochet-As-I-Design-Along} Knotty Knucklehead – Week Nine| Knot By Gran'ma Blog
This is the final week of crocheting. You are amazing!

We’re switching over to the size 10 crochet thread and size 7 (mm) steel crochet hook for this week’s work. You’ll need your 12 mm safety eyes too. This is basic working in the round work… the biggest difficulty is getting used to the change in size. Don’t sweat it. You can do it. You will also need your needle to sew the eyeballs to Knotty Knucklehead.

Eyeballs (make 2)

  • With white crochet thread working in the round… ch 6, sl st 1st st to form a loop
  • Round 1: 12 sc into the loop – 12 sc
  • Round 2: 2 sc each st around – 24 sc
  • Round 3: (mark 1st st) sc each st around – 24 sc
  • Rounds 4-6: repeat last round (3 times) – 24 sc
  • Insert your safety eye now
  • Round 7: ( next 2 sts tog.), repeat 11 more times – 12 sc
  • Round 8: sc each st around – 12 sc
  • Rounds 9- 53: repeat last round (45 times) – 12 sc
  • sl st 1st st, F.O. (first eyeball only), DO NOT F.O. 2nd eyeball
Monster eyeballs: {Crochet-As-I-Design-Along} Knotty Knucklehead – Week Nine | Knot By Gran'ma Blog
(picture Z2)

Joining & Finishing

  • Hold the top round of the 2nd eyeball against the top round of the 1st eyeball, going through the 2nd eyeball sts and the 1st eyeball sts (picture Z3) crochet each st around joining them together – 12 sc
Joining eyeballs: {Crochet-As-I-Design-Along} Knotty Knucklehead – Week Nine | Knot By Gran'ma Blog
(picture Z3)
  • sl st 1st st, F.O. leaving a long enough tail to sew the eyeballs to the monster body
  • Using your needle stitch the middle of the eyeballs inside of the top loop on Knotty Knucklehead’s body with a whip st (picture Z4)
Sew eyes to body: {Crochet-As-I-Design-Along} Knotty Knucklehead – Week Nine | Knot By Gran'ma Blog
(picture Z4)

You can leave the eyeballs as they are or tie them in a knot… that’s why Knotty Knucklehead was called that in the first place.

Knotty Knucklehead monster amigurumi: {Crochet-As-I-Design-Along} Knotty Knucklehead – Week Nine | Knot By Gran'ma Blog
(picture Z5)

So that’s it. You have just crocheted a Knotty Knucklehead. Come back next week (or whenever you finish) and share your new monster friend on the blog. We’ll have a gallery of Knotty Knuckleheads. You will also be able to download the crochet pattern from that page, so if you want to make more Knotty Knuckleheads, the file is there.

If you’re just joining us today, or are behind and deciding that you should start from the beginning to make your own Knotty Knucklehead, that’s cool.

If you have a any questions, please leave me a comment below. I’ll be sure to answer you as soon as I can.

Crochet Abbreviations:

  • ch – chain
  • sl st – slip stitch
  • sc – single crochet
  • tn – turn
  • st(s) – stitch(s)
  • – decreased single crochet
  • [BL] – back loop
  • [FL] – front loop

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{Crochet-As-I-Design-Along} Knotty Knucklehead – Week Nine