Aside from eventually having to get ready for school, my schedule is wide open for the next couple of weeks. I’ve been waiting for this time for a few months now. I have so much good crochet fun going on in the background. This “downtime” really will help me pull it all together. Knotty Knucklehead turns into a doll today, and all we have left are the eyeballs… which may take another 2 weeks. Stay tuned for all the great stitching.

I know it seems like we’re finishing, and we are. Start from the beginning and catch up to make your own Knotty Knucklehead. This is an ongoing crochet-a-long. Click here to go to the beginning of the Knotty Knucklehead Crochet-As-I-Design-Along.

{Crochet-As-I-Design-Along} Knotty Knucklehead – Week Eight| Knot By Gran'ma Blog

Today you’ll need your tapestry needle and fiberfill stuffing. Knotty Knucklehead is getting assembled and stuffed. Woot!


  • Stuff Knotty Knucklehead’s body with your fiberfill. You can add stuffing as you are sewing on the arms and legs if you find you need more.
  • Stuff and place your arms in place and sew them to the body using a whip stitch with your tapestry needle. Make sure the fingers are facing the back of Knotty Knucklehead. (picture Y)
Attaching the arms: {Crochet-As-I-Design-Along} Knotty Knucklehead - Week Eight | Knot By Gran'ma Blog
(picture Y)
  • Unravel the last 50 sc on the feet, stuff and place your feet in place, going through the feet sts and the sts from the legs sl st each st around (joining the feet to the legs) (picture Z), sl st 1st st, F.O. – 50 sl st
Attaching the feet: {Crochet-As-I-Design-Along} Knotty Knucklehead - Week Eight | Knot By Gran'ma Blog
(picture Z)
Monster amigurumi body waiting for eyes: {Crochet-As-I-Design-Along} Knotty Knucklehead - Week Eight | Knot By Gran'ma Blog
(picture Z1)


Thanks so much for crocheting along… even if you’re just getting here now or are behind and deciding that you should start from the beginning to make your own Knotty Knucklehead. If you have a any questions, please leave me a comment below. I’ll be sure to answer you as soon as I can.

When you’re done, please email me ( a picture of this week’s work. Please make sure it includes (any part of) your name. You can also include your business name (if you have one) with a link too. I’ll be using them to post on my various social media sites with the pictures (and your name & business with links if included) of your progress. See you next week!

Crochet Abbreviations:

  • ch – chain
  • sl st – slip stitch
  • sc – single crochet
  • tn – turn
  • st(s) – stitch(s)
  • – decreased single crochet
  • [BL] – back loop
  • [FL] – front loop

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{Crochet-As-I-Design-Along} Knotty Knucklehead – Week Eight